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Shungite DETOX #3 Mala

Product image 1Shungite DETOX #3 Mala
Product image 2Shungite DETOX #3 Mala
Product image 3Shungite DETOX #3 Mala
Product image 4Shungite DETOX #3 Mala
Product image 5Shungite DETOX #3 Mala
Product image 6Shungite DETOX #3 Mala

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This 108-bead traditional mala carries the energies of the 1st, Chakra, VITALITY, 3rd Chakra, PURPOSE, and 6th Chakra, INSIGHT. It will remind you of your intention to be strong and healthy, focused and determined yet stay balanced and in harmony with the world.

Palo Santo wood is believed to protect, bring peace and clarity of mind.  It uplifts your mood and raises your vibration. And, it has a fantastic smell reminiscent of citrus and its close relative frankincense.

Our Sterling Silver Septagon bead will serve as your talisman.  It carries the strong frequencies of the Number 7 - transformation, growth & protection.

Learn more about Shungite jewelry here.

    • 8mm Palo Santo, Shungite, Tiger Eye, Moonstone, Labradorite, Pyrite, Obsidian, Clear Quartz
    • 108 beads, 21.5”- 22” long without the pendant
    • Clear Quartz pendant approx. 1.5"
    • Sterling Silver ŌM bead & spacers
    • Hand-crafted in North Carolina
    • Comes in our Signature Gift Packaging
    • Includes corresponding stones & woods cards
Energetic Properties
    • Palo Santo - energetic protection, cleansing, rejuvenation
    • Shungite - EMF protection, detox, energy amplifier
    • Tiger Eye - focus, problem resolution, courage, success
    • Moonstone - feminine wisdom, intuition, harmony, love
    • Labradorite - faith, imagination, new ideas, memory
    • Pyrite - willpower, motivation, optimism
    • Black Obsidian - stamina, inner strength, grounding
    • Clear Quartz - "Master Healer", amplifies the effect of other crystals, clears, balances and re-energizes all chakras
    • Sterling Silver - creativity, emotional intelligence, calmness, reflection

All materials used in our jewelry are responsibly sourced.

Palo Santo, or Holy Stick, is a natural aromatic wood praised for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. It has been used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes in sacred ceremonies. 

We respect the sacredness of Palo Santo and the environment. Our Palo Santo essential oil and smudging sticks are obtained from B. graveolens and are responsibly sourced in Peru and Ecuador from ethical vendors we trust. They respect the spirit of the tree and adhere to sustainable practices of harvesting only from trees that have naturally fallen.

All our Shungite is sourced directly from Karelia, Russia and is tested for authenticity.

Our jewelry is made with genuine and unaltered natural stones, that may vary in colors.

Mala Care: Wearing your mala when swimming or bathing might damage it. To clean your mala, gently wipe the beads with a damp cloth and place them in the shade to dry.

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