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Making PURE, MINERALZED & ENERGIZING drinking water is easy. In addition to DETOXIFYING the body, Shungite neutralizes HEAVY METALS, CHLORINE, NITRATES, PESTICIDES, PHARMACEUTICALS, FLUORIDE & VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPONENTS, it makes the water tastes great too! We pre-condition our Shungite which means you can easily use it to make healthy water with no prep.

from our customers:

"Made up some water as instructed and left for 24 hours. Being a sceptic, I thought I would try it on a plant that i had been spraying with tap water that was nearly dead... within 2 days the plant looked really healthy no longer droopy with fresh green leaves." - Peter P.


"Shungite material actively interacts
with electromagnetic fields of different natures (anthropogenic, high frequency, solar, geo-geogenic, biofields) and counteracts their negative influence.”

Russian Academy of Sciences


We have created finely balanced and infinitely versatile SHUNGITE-based washes and soaps – they are purifying, anti-aging, moisturizing and gentle for
every-day use.

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What People Say About US

I purchased the 2cm size merkaba, perfect for having at my work desk and just the right size to hold when pondering a question. Modern OM is a great company that treats their customers special. Thank you again, as I am a repeat customer.
- Lucy C.

Amazing Products From Amazing People

"Great communication, smooth process. Super beautiful products, full of sweet and playful energy. Steve really cares about the product they are selling and their client satisfaction, all this while having a fun interaction. So lovely :) Thank you for my body wash, it also smells delicious." - Adriana C

Dear Peoples

“I’ve been miserable with EMFs and never got more than 2-4 hours of sleep since June 10.... Yesterday, I received 4 medium size spheres, and when I walked into my room I felt so heavy... I know that’s because for the first time in months I was grounded.  Last night I slept 7 hours straight.  Yayyyy!!!  Can’t thank you enough!”   - Meggie

Something Special

“Thereare tons of shungite pendants (I have a few different ones myself), but this little Elite nugget on that super cool silicone necklace is my favorite. Maybe because it's the least "processed", I find natural Elite shungite, as a stone to be beautiful and this necklace lets you have that natural beauty ina comfortable way.”  - Vanessa L.

I Love This Brick

“The wonderful personalized note that came with this solid brick of Shungite read, "We Love this Brick, and we hope you do too!" And yes, I love this brick. Sounds hilarious to say, but having a giant brick of Shungite is just awesome.” - Christopher B.

Shungite Living Water

Great! product arrived quickly. Got 7 liters of shungite water going continually and it tastes great. Also the price was a lot less than what I would have to pay locally.   - Nicholas T.


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