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A natural mineral from Russian region of Karelia, Shungite purifies water, protects from harmful EMF, boosts your energy, relieves stress, detoxifies body and mind, increases physical & mental balance.

 Shungite owes these amazing properties to its complex chemical composition as well as carbon-based Fullerene internal structure. For more information, go here.



A Fullerene is a molecule consisting of carbon atoms. A globular hollow molecule that consists of specifically arranged carbon atoms, it neutralizes all sorts of harmful substances from the environment, including toxins and radio waves.

 Fullerenes have strong anti-microbial and antibacterial properties as well as a proven unique ability to act as long-lasting antioxidants. They are effective even in very small doses and the benefits can last for months.

The discovery of fullerenes in 1985 greatly contributed to nanotechnology and earned the scientists a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.


“Shungite material actively interacts with electromagnetic fields of different natures (anthropogenic, high frequency, solar, geo-geogenic, biofields) and counteracts their negative influence.”
RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, Karelian Scientific Centre Institute of Geology

In today’s world we are bombarded by harmful EMF energies 24/7. Radiating from cell phones, wi-fi routers, computers and “Smart” devices these damaging frequencies are detrimental to our health.

In addition to protecting from man-made radiation, Shungite neutralizes geopathic stress resulted from EMF emitted from natural sources.

Scientists explain these unique protective qualities by Shungite’s ability to transmute harmful radiated energy into a more biologically-friendly form


Shungite doesn’t block or shield EMF in the technical sense. If it did, the operating range of wireless devices would be seriously compromised.

According to Russian quantum physics research, the bioenergetic torsion field that surrounds our bodies has a RIGHT-HAND (think DNA-like) rotation, and is key to our vitality and physical well-being.

Various man-made radiations, such as Wi-Fi, generate LEFT-HAND rotating torsion fields which interfere with and are harmful to humans, plants and animals by unbalancing and disturbing our bio-energetics system.

The presence of Shungite corrects these distortions, neutralizing negative impact of the electromagnetic radiation.

It is helpful to put Shungite objects in places where you spend most time. At home, use Shungite pyramids in the living room and kitchen. Place your smart devices, cell phone and tablets, on or next to a Shungite brick, to cancel their negative effects.

In the office, place a Shungite pyramid next to your computer and other electronic devices. Put a sphere in your bedroom for better sleep and relaxation.

For an every-day EMF protection, wear Shungite bracelets and necklaces, carry Shungite stones in your pocket, and attach Shungite plates to your phones and laptops.

Give Shungite stones to your kids to carry with them everywhere they go – it is a fun and safe way to keep them from hazardous EMF.

If you have pets, you can attach a Shungite pet charm on the collar, and put a shungite plate under their bed.

Thank you for reading!

SHUNGITE - How Is This Healing Mineral So Powerful?


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