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“Always do what you are afraid to do.”     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The 1st, or ROOT CHAKRA is not just an ancient symbol, it plays an important role in our everyday life. In our modern world this Chakra manifests as the intention for VITALITY - "The energy that springs from living in balance".

Our ROOT CHAKRA Overview covers everything you need to know about its traditional words, symbols, sounds, and representations in nature.

Sanskrit Name              MULADHARA

English Name               ROOT

Modern ŌM Intention   VITALITY

It Governs        On the physical level - bones, spine, blood. On the emotional, it relates to our basic needs of self-preservation, survival instincts, structure, courage and ability to provide for ourselves.

Location              BASE OF SPINE

Color                   RED

Red is the longest wave-length in the visible spectrum of light and the lowest rates of vibration. 

Element               EARTH

Projecting downward, toward the earth, it is related to our sense of grounding - connection to the EARTH and the physical plane in general. 

Sound/Mantra      LAM

Affirmation           I AM SAFE    I AM SECURE   I AM HEALTHY

By chanting LAM when you feel fearful, insecure and ungrounded, you create a vibration that resonates with this Chakra and puts it in balance and alignment with the whole body.


Crystals have well-established frequencies and vibrate in support of one or several Chakras. They are age-old tools for intention setting.

Animal                 ELEPHANT

Chakras are often associated with animals that are attributed specific Chakra qualities. Elephant is known for its strength, honor, stability and tenacity. In Hindu culture, it is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of fortune and protection.

Scent                  EARTHY & SPICY:  Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood 

The ROOT CHAKRA relates to the physical body and deals with our basic needs of survival and self-preservation. It holds genetic information for vitality and many qualities that helped our ancestors to survive: courage, resilience, stamina.

A reservoir of enormous potential energy, this Chakra is the foundation for physical health AND for the development of all the other Chakras. We all need to be healthy and safe before we can put attention on higher energy centers.



When this chakra is in balance,  we are generally well grounded, practical, secure, and lead a structured and stable life, with a strong connection to family and community. We have common sense, and seem to know that things will always work out for us.

When the 1st CHAKRA is open and functions well, we feel safe and fearless, healthy and dynamic. Our sense of security and abundance is strong, we have no problem managing stress.


An under- or over-performing 1st CHAKRA means difficulties relating to family and old friends, we are frequently angry, feel threatened or victimized. Being stuck and exhausted often indicates an under-active ROOT CHAKRA as well.

When this Chakra is out of balance we are constantly stressed out, with seemingly never-ending stream of financial problems. It feels like “our feet are knocked out from under us”, or that we’re “losing our grip”. So it does help to pay attention and recognize the ROOT CHAKRA challenges – it makes it much easier to bringing it back to balance. 



Some of the most beneficial activities to keep your ROOT CHAKRA healthy is walking around barefoot, or, if you are in the city, just walking. Gardening, dancing and strength- and endurance-building exercises are very helpful too. Try to wear red more often, surround yourself with red color and definitely eat red-colored foods like strawberries and cherries.

When you are working on your ROOT CHAKRA, it is helpful to ask yourself questions to better understand how yours is doing:

   - Do I excerscise enough?

   - Am I connected to nature?

   - Do I experience fear and anxiety often?

To heal and balance Chakras, it helps to practice affirmations, or mantras. You might want to use them during meditation, or just repeat throughout your day.

By understanding your energy body, of which Chakras are a major part, you can find out a lot about yourself, and successfully navigate your life understanding others as well.

Thanks for reading!





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    • Thank You.

    • On the subject of vitality:
      My husband, who was my best male friend, died three years ago.
      While I’d previously experienced the deaths of my parents and several dear friends, nothing prepared me for the searing pain and sense of disconnect that Patrick’s death brought.

      Providence sent me to an intimate home surrounded by healing water, trees, wildlife, and glorious sunrises and sunsets. Providence sent many grace bearers to me. (Thank you, Steve Wenig, for being by Patrick’s side and holding us all in your love!) Providence, the love of others, and time guided me through the tunnel of grief to a renewed desire for a full and vibrant life of gratitude and vitality.
      I’ve literally felt my first chakra heal these past three years. Where once there was dark emptiness, there is now a red glow of connection with all life in all planes of existence.

      If you have lost your way, your tribe, your sense of purpose, take heart, dear one. Remain open. Feel deeply whatever you feel. Meditate, ponder, ask for wisdom. Healing will come.



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