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January 13, 2019

By Marina Likhov, Co-Founder

No man is free who is not a master of himself.          ~ Epictetus

The 3rd, or SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is not just an ancient symbol, it plays an important role in our everyday life. In our modern world this Chakra manifests as the intention for PURPOSE – “The power within to achieve what you desire.”

This Chakra governs gut instincts and is believed to be responsible for accumulation and storing of energy, or prana - fuel for the body. It is considered to be the center of personal identity, confidence, and ambition.

It is associated with personal power, self-control, mental clarity and decision-making, and also with humility and selfless service.

In terms of social structure, where the 1st Chakra is about relating to family and the 2nd Chakra governs relationships with lovers and friends, the 3rd CHAKRA is about relating to community and work. It forms our relationship to the world, people, places and things.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA strongly influences us between ages 14 to 21 providing the drive to move forward in all areas of development.  Around that age, we begin refining our sense of self and developing self-esteem. Teenagers begin moving away from the family as the center of their lives, and gaining understanding of their individuality and connection to the greater world.  

3rd CHAKRA is associated with the energy of FIRE. On a physical level 🔥 provides us with light and burns away physical debris. In the body, it helps organs to break down nutrients for digestion, and on the mental level it helps to digest ideas for our growth and development. On a spiritual level this solar plexus fire is used for burning away old and negative belief patterns that prevent us from growth.

When the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA is balanced, we have a clear sense of who we are, of self-worth, self-trust and self-respect. As a result, we are decisive, comfortable in taking reasonable risk, able to create change in our lives, and can reach our goals. This often leads to abundance (financial, health, and other).

A healthy 3rd CHAKRA makes us optimistic, self confident and determined, and helps to wisely exercise freedom of choice. We think clearly and logically, and are firm and direct.

An underperforming 3rd CHAKRA can manifest in a sense of rejection and powerlessness that lead to “victim mentality”, indecisiveness, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy. Self-identity is anchored to the external world, and increased dependence on others to create personal reality.

People with overactive or overly open 3rd CHAKRA are often bossy and domineering, possessive, and over competitive and ambitious.

Unbalanced 3rd CHAKRA leads to lack of self-esteem, indecision, and fear of rejection. We blame others and tend to regard the world with cynicism.


Our SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA Overview covers everything you need to know about its traditional words, symbols, sounds, and representations in nature.

Sanskrit Name              MANIPURA

English Name                SOLAR PLEXUS

Modern ŌM Intention   PURPOSE      

It Governs       On the physical level - digestive organs, immune system, upper spine. On the emotional, it relates to gut instinct, personal power, and optimism.

Location          Hollow area between the ribs, 2”-3” above the navel

Color               YELLOW

It is the color of sunshine – optimistic and vibrant. Yellow is believed to be the color of intellect and knowledge.

Element           FIRE

The fire within means strong inner drive, and is also associated with the power to digest, absorb and assimilate both physically and emotionally.

Sound              RAM

By chanting RAM when feeling  powerless, indecisive or lacking self esteem, you create a vibration that resonates with this chakra and puts it in balance and alignment with the whole body.

Animal             RAM

Chakras are often associated with animals that possess specific chakra qualities. Ram has been traditionally attributed such traits as action, initiative and determination.

Scent               Orange, jasmine, bergamot


Some of the most beneficial activities to keep your SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA healthy is s pending time in the sun, sun-gazing, belly breathing,  doing different kinds of sports. Strength-building exercises are great for this Chakra, as well as surrounding yourself with lots of yellow color and eating yellow foods.

When you are working on the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, it is helpful to ask yourself questions to better understand how yours is doing:

  • Do I blindly follow authority?
  • Do I lack confidence?
  • Is it difficult for me to make decisions?
  • Am I afraid to take risks?

To heal and balance Chakras, it helps to use affirmations, or mantras. You might want to use them during meditation, or just repeat throughout your day.

By understanding your energy body, of which Chakras are a major part, you can find out a lot about yourself, and successfully navigate your life understanding others as well. Happy learning!

Thanks for reading!

Write us here if you have a question about the 3rd CHAKRA.


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