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Shungite Jewelry Helps Purify Your Body & Mind

February 24, 2019

We love Shungite! Here is why – this surprisingly modern-looking silvery black rock is unique, beautiful, and has incredible healing properties.


Shungite is more than 2 Billion (with a B!) years old, and comes from only one place on Earth— the Shun’ga area of the Russian region of Karelia. For hundreds of years locals have been using it to purify and energize drinking and bathing water, to treat many illnesses -including inflammation, and to relieve pain.


Shungite is unique in that there is lots of impressive scientific research behind it.

It has been discovered that Shungite’s unusual properties come from a unique molecular structure called Fullerene. For this discovery, scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996.  

Fullerenes, which are only found naturally on Earth in Shungite and a few meteorites, are powerful and long-acting antioxidants that shield cells from the affect of free radicals.

Shungite Jewelry



We live in a sea of EMF radiation. From computers, cell phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi, we are surrounded 24/7.  According to Russian scientists, Shungite can transform these harmful artificial EMFs into biologically compatible forms, neutralizing their negative impact.

There are many ways to protect ourselves from electromagnetic pollution, and, thankfully, Shungite is one of our favorites!   It is effective both when it is in direct contact with us or close by, which means wearing Shungite jewelry is not only cool, but very functional.

Another positive feature of this mineral is its beneficial effect on our 3 lower Chakras. The reason for this is that Shungite provides powerful stimulation to the lower parts of the body. Shungite, with its strong Yin energy, grounds, energizes and offers significant energetic protection, as well as effective EMF shielding.

It is a really good idea to always have at least one piece of Shungite with you - you can carry a stone in your pocket or wear a Shungite necklace, a bracelet or earrings.



SHUNGITE BRACELETS are very effective tools for daily protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation. Because the wrist is a major receptive area (as it is traversed by many meridian lines),  strong beneficial effect of wearing Shungite on the wrist is amplified.

For even stronger protection from EMF, detoxification and pain relief, wear bracelets on your “cell phone” arm!

Our unique Shield PENDANTS are made with Elite Shungite - the purest and most powerful form of this mineral, found in only around 1% of all Shungite deposits.  It is the highest grade of Shungite, and it is also most beautiful - shiny, silvery and mystical!  Traditionally, Russians have believed that wearing Shungite close to the heart and solar plexis helps to improve energetic balance of the body and relieve anxiety.




So no matter which Shungite jewelry piece you choose, the properties of this amazing rock will continue to shield your energy field from harmful EMFs wherever you go. And, as importantly, Shungite will keep working on your lower chakras, harmonizing and balancing your vital energy and strengthen your well being.

Than you for reading! Write us here if you have questions about Shungite.

 Mens Shungite Jewelry

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Marina is Modern ŌM's lead designer, and is a recovering CEO of a consumer products trading firm. She is a devoted student of spirituality in its many forms, which inspires her approach to developing Modern ŌM's line of products. Marina's goal is to connect people with beauty and spirit by offering elegantly designed, lasting, functional staples for everyday living.


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