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January 01, 2018

 By Marina Likhov, Co-Founder of Modern ŌM

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.”      ~ Unknown


The 5th, or THROAT Chakra is not just an ancient symbol, it plays an important role in our everyday life. In our modern world this Chakra manifests as the intention for EXPRESSION - “The voice that reveals the true and unique you”.

THROAT Chakra is a bridge between the 6th Chakra of thought and the 4th Chakra of feelings. It enables us to make choices using both reason and sense.

Connected to speech and hearing, it controls our ability to communicate our thoughts clearly. Developing later in life, around the ages of 28 to 35, and as we mature, it allows us to take a stand for what we believe in, and to speak up no matter how difficult it may be. We finally have a better understanding of what is really important.

An open and balanced THROAT Chakra allows us to speak with confidence and integrity. We no longer have a need to enforce our opinions on others, or to get an approval from them. This allows for diplomatic, tactful and constructive discussions.

A healthy 5th chakra allows us to be in touch with ourselves to understand what is true for us. Thinking before speaking comes naturally. When we speak from the heart, with compassion and truth of conviction, it allows others not to feel threatened by our beliefs and really listen. We no longer have fear of being judged, and we do not judge others.

THROAT Chakra is strongly connected to creativity. Creativity is also associated with the 2nd Chakra, but there is a difference. At the SACRAL Chakra level our creative process is unconscious, it mostly deals with physicality. We do not use our power of mind, or access higher levels of universal knowledge integrated with our personal truth. Blue energy of the 5th Chakra is conscious creativity at a higher-mind level.

Artists, poets, writers and musicians often have well-developed and open 5th Chakra.

When unbalanced, THROAT Chakra makes communication and self-expression difficult. When overactive, it is responsible for talking too much (often in a loud voice), without saying much of value. When blocked, it makes us timid, uncommunicative, and easily influenced by others.

An unhealthy 5th Chakra leads to obsessive ideas, passive-aggressive and manipulative behavior, dishonesty, and a lack of trust. We can’t express our feelings, and generally have a fear of speaking.


Our THROAT Chakra Overview easily covers everything you need to know about its traditional words, symbols, sounds, and representations in nature.

Sanskrit Name      VISHUDDHA

English Name        THROAT

Modern ŌM Intention      EXPRESSION

It Governs         On the physical level - throat, neck, ears, nose. On the emotional, it relates to our ability to create, speak the truth and communicate clearly.

Location            Base of the Neck

Color                  BLUE

Blue is the color of sky and water, the energy of peace and tranquility.

Element             Sound/Vibration/Ether

To exercise this Chakra, sing or chant, with your true voice, or keep silent for a period of time.

Sound               HAM

By chanting HAM when you have difficulty expressing yourself, have doubts, or feel misunderstood, you create a vibration that resonates with this Chakra and puts it in balance and alignment with the whole body.

Gemstones        Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

Crystals have well-established frequencies and vibrate in support of one or several Chakras. They are age-old tools for intention setting.

Animal              White Elephant

Chakras are often associated with animals that are attributed specific Chakra qualities. The 5th Chakra is symbolically represented by White Elephant - dignity, peacefulness, and loyalty.

Scent              Neroli, lavender, sage

Some of the most beneficial activities to keep your THROAT Chakra healthy is singing, chanting, public speaking,  and playing and listening to music. Practice silence. Go for cranio-sacral therapy and upper back/ shoulders massage. Pick up tai chi. Make it a habit to gaze at a big blue sky, or ocean, or sea, or lake. Include fruits and berries in your diet.

When you are working on the THROAT Chakra, it is helpful to ask yourself questions to better understand how yours is doing:

    • Do I express myself clearly?
    • Do I talk to much?
    • Is my creativity blocked?
    • Am I a good listener and do I interrupt others often?

    To heal and balance Chakras, it helps to use affirmations, or mantras. You might want to use them during meditation, or just repeat throughout your day.

    By understanding your energy body, of which Chakras are a major part, you can find out a lot about yourself, and successfully navigate your life understanding others as well. Happy learning!

    Thanks for reading!

    Write us here if you have a question about the 5th CHAKRA.


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    How does the intention of EXPRESSION affect your daily life, and in what way? Write us in the comments below and we respond with answers. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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