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Resilience Necklace


Resilience Necklace
Resilience Necklace
Resilience Necklace

Resilience Necklace


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RESILIENCE Garnet and Ruby necklace from the Mystic Glow Collection.

Our delicate, minimalistic and understated necklace will remind you of life’s simple pleasures. Let these garnet beads adorn your neck with their small size and faceted cut; they sparkle with every movement! Faceted Red Ruby stones add to the unique look and strong energies of the 1st and 4th Chakras.

This essential piece will charge your life with the vibration of VITALITY and COMPASSION.  

  • Oxidized Sterling Silver
  • 2mm Faceted Garnet and 3mm Faceted Red Ruby
  • Comes in our Signature Gift Box
  • Hand made in North Carolina
  • Approximately 15.5 inches in length
  • Matching Earrings and Bracelet available separately

Our jewelry is made with genuine and unaltered semi-precious stones.

All necklaces include short descriptions of the materials used in their making and come in our signature gift box, making them perfect for gifting.

RED GARNET - Known as the Stone of Commitment, Garnet represents love and passion, bringing warmth, understanding, trust and honesty to a relationship. As a protective stone, it activates the survival instinct, strengthens courage and hope, providing peace and tranquility.

RED RUBY - Strengthens vitality and life-force throughout the physical body, and promotes a clear mind and courageous attitude. Associated with faithful passionate love and closeness encouraging one to enjoy being in the physical world.

STERLING SILVER - Since ancient times, silver has been closely associated with the moon and represents creativity and emotional intelligence.  In many cultures silver has been known and used for its many healing properties.