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Load image into Gallery viewer, ELITE SHUNGITE Rocks
Load image into Gallery viewer, ELITE SHUNGITE Rocks
Load image into Gallery viewer, ELITE SHUNGITE Rocks


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Larger intact pieces of Elite Shungite are very rare. Because Elite Shungite is brittle, large rocks are only found when the excavation is done by hand as mechanical equipment shatters the rocks. This manual mining is very slow, difficult and delicate.

We've got a hold of a few specimens that are truly beautiful. Choose among these 3 pieces, see details below.

Elite (or Noble) Shungite is the rarest form of this mineral - it is found in less than 1% of all Shungite deposits. The most potent and efficient form of Shungite, it has a much higher percentage of organic carbon (up to 98%) with significantly more fullerenes than lower grades.

Fullerenes, unique carbon-based molecules, are found in the highest concentration only in Elite Shungite. They are scientifically proven to act as long-lasting antioxidants that prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals.

Each stone is unique and is shaped unlike any other. Some stones will have mineral inclusions (light spots or reddish brown veins) that are primarily pyrite or iron oxide that naturally occur in Elite Shungite.

Learn more about SHUNGITE here, and about SHUNGITE's EMF properties here.

Sorry, discounts and special offers do not apply.

*If these are gone and you are interested in unique Elite Shungite stones of similar sizes, drop us a note at and we will let you know when we find more.

    • Elite Shungite ROCK A approx. 1.5" x 1.50" x 1.75",  weight  60.5 gr
    • Elite Shungite ROCK B approx. 1.75" x 1.50" x 2.25", weight  52.0 gr
    • Elite Shungite ROCK C approx. 1.00" x 1.25" x 2.60" weight  78.5 gr
    • Each comes in our Signature Packaging
    • Includes informational cards


    • reduces electromagnetic toxicity
    • guards against various harmful energies
    • promotes cells rejuvenation
    • purifies water and air
    • restructures water, kills pathogenic bacteria, absorbs various organic and inorganic substances and heavy metals
    • detoxifies on the physical and subtle energy levels by absorbing toxic energies
    • balances and activates the lower Chakras

    All our Shungite is sourced directly from Karelia, Russia and is tested for authenticity.

    This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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