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Silver Intuition Mala in INSIGHT


Silver Intuition Mala in INSIGHT

Silver Intuition Mala in INSIGHT


INSIGHT mala from our Silver Intuition Collection is designed for use with a mindful practice, or for wearing out in the world.

The color Indigo represents the 6th Chakra, INSIGHT and reminds you of your intention to be yourself and speak your truth.

These malas are made of Labradorite, Blue Apatite and Pyrite:

  • Labradorite is known to impart intuitive wisdom and stimulate awareness and imagination.
  • Blue Apatite is said to expand intellect and knowledge.
  • Pyrite is believed to invite prosperity, abundance and success.

Our signature ŌM bead is made of solid sterling silver, and reminds you of infinite possibility. 

All Modern ŌM malas include short descriptions of the materials used in their making and come in our signature gift box, making them perfect for gifting.

Wearing It

Wear the Intuition INSIGHT mala around your neck, or wrap it around your wrist.

This mala has 108 beads and is approximately 20 - 21.5” long (without the silver tassel) and wraps around your wrist 4-5 times. You can gently stretch your mala to the perfect length if you choose to wear it around your wrist. Don’t worry—it won’t break.

MALA CARE: It is best not to wash your mala beads or wear your mala when swimming or bathing. To clean your mala beads gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place them in the shade to dry.


Modern ŌM malas are ethically hand crafted in the U.S.A. Our malas are made with genuine and unaltered natural stones stones, and may vary in colors.

LABRADORITE - called a Stone of Magic and used by shamans, Labradorite is said to intensify intentions, relieve insecurities and strengthen faith.

BLUE APATITE – said to clear away confusion and apathy, it is believed to strengthen intuition and assists in personal growth.

PYRITE – is known to increase willpower, focus and motivation.

SOLID STERLING SILVER - since ancient times, silver has been closely associated with the moon and represents creativity and emotional intelligence while evoking calmness and reflection. Silver removes negativity and protects during travels.

Our artisans recite mantras as they hand-tie the knots of your mala, to add their positive intentions to yours.


Because malas are special objects that absorb the energy of your intentions, Modern ŌM honors the commitments you make when you wear them.

The Mala Society is our promise to repair or replace your mala in the event that it ever breaks.

By purchasing a mala online from us, you are automatically registered into the Mala Society. For more information click the link above.