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Shungite Massage Pencil


Shungite Massage Pencil

Shungite Massage Pencil


Massage Pencils have been employed by healers for centuries and are a popular healing tool used in reflexology, massage, and acupressure, as well as for meditating and directing energy. Massage wands are said to help restore body balance, stop inflammation, and reduce fatigue. 

These positive properties are amplified by making the wand from Shungite - an extremely high-vibrational stone, known for its ability to regulate and revitalize one’s energy field, detoxify and relieve stress.

Our Massage Pencil has a smooth rounded end and a pointed end. The pointed end focuses energy tightly through the tip, providing a healing and stimulating effect on active body points and relieving pain in the problem areas.

Origin and Material

Russian Shungite is about 2 billion years old. It comes from ancient deposits of the Zazhoginskoye site in the Shunga region of Karelia in Russia - the only shungite deposit where this unique mineral is mined in its pure form.

Called a Stone of Life, Shungite has been used in Russian healing therapies for centuries. Studies indicate that it has the ability to restructure water, kill pathogenic bacteria, absorb various organic and inorganic substances and heavy metals from water, purifying and charging it with healing energy. Shungite’s unique properties have been the subject of scientific studies for decades. In 1996, a team of scientists was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering fullerenes, a special carbon-based molecular formation which is a major component of Shungite. Fullerenes have been found to have an unparalleled ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals in their vicinity.

Shungite has exceptionally high resistance to chemically aggressive environments and a high electrical and low thermal conductivity. According to scientific research, it attenuates electromagnetic emissions providing protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Shungite carries a strong connection to the Earth, making it an essential stone for spiritual grounding and growth.


Length:   Approximately 3.8 Inches (9.6 cm)

Diameter: Approximately 0.6 Inches (1.6 cm)