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Modern Om

PURPOSE Incense Burner

$49.00 $34.00

PURPOSE Incense Burner

PURPOSE Incense Burner

$49.00 $34.00

Our unique 7-sided architectural incense holder is made of concrete, and is designed to efficiently capture falling ash. When not in use, it remains an elegant statement piece with YELLOW accents to remind you of your intention to seek purpose.

Using Them

Place the incense stick in the hole at the bottom of the burner before lighting.

To clean after use, wipe the inside of the burner with dampened cloth or paper towel.


These Incense Burners are designed and handcrafted in North Carolina.

Color Meanings

We use color to infuse everyday objects with the meanings of 7 chakra-based intentions:

Vitality, or the energy that springs from living in balance

Passion, or the rush as you lose yourself in the moment

Purpose, or the power within to achieve what you desire

Compassion, or the love you share unconditionally with the world

Expression, or the voice that reveals the true and unique you

Insight, or the ability to see the world as it truly is

Connection, or the joy of being present in the now