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NAMASTE "Love You" Cards (Set of 7)

Product image 1love you cards, set, 7 colours
Product image 2love you cards, red
Product image 3love you cards, orange
Product image 4love you cards, yellow
Product image 5love you cards, green
Product image 6love you cards, blue
Product image 7love you cards, indigo
Product image 8love you cards, violet

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NAMASTE "Love You" cards bring a subtle intentionality to your words. The Sanskrit word NAMASTE translates to “the light in me recognizes the light in you," a beautiful sentiment to offer someone.


This 7 card set with envelopes is available in 2 options:

  • As a multi-color set, representing each of the 7 chakra-based colors
  • As a single color set, available in your favorite chakra-based color
  • Single "Love You" cards are available here
  • Designed and printed on recycled paper in North Carolina
Using Them

Cards are most thoughtful when written from the heart.

We have purposefully left the inside of the cards blank to give you the freedom to express your unique feelings of affection.

We use color to infuse these cards with the meanings of 7 chakra-based intentions:

  • Vitality, or the energy that springs from living in balance
  • Passion, or the rush as you lose yourself in the moment
  • Purpose, or the power within to achieve what you desire
  • Compassion, or the love you share unconditionally with the world
  • Expression, or the voice that reveals the true and unique you
  • Insight, or the ability to see the world as it truly is
  • Connection, or the joy of being present in the now


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