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Freedom Body Spray


Freedom Body Spray
Freedom Body Spray
Freedom Body Spray
Freedom Body Spray

Freedom Body Spray


Our mystical Palo Santo FREEDOM Spray is rejuvenating and purifying, it raises your vibration and uplifts your spirit throughout the day.

Fine citrus aroma from Bergamot, with underlying notes of Sandalwood, add to the grounding and calming effect.

Hand-blended with essential oils in small batches with 100 percent natural, vegan ingredients, this truly unisex scent works on all 7 chakras to ease tension, bring clarity and heighten a sense of well being.

Use FREEDOM in multiple ways:

- As a body spray

- As a room spray

- In meditation

- On your pillow before you go to sleep

- Take with you on a plane

Size: 30ml

Also available in a 10ml Roll-On

To Balance Chakras

    1st CHAKRA  • when feeling anxious, stressed or un-rooted, apply to the soles of the feet and the bottom of spine

    2nd CHAKRA • when seeking intimacy or boundless creativity, apply below the navel

    3rd CHAKRA • when working on focus, self control or motivation, apply between the navel and the rib cage

    4th CHAKRA • when accessing forgiveness or unconditional love, apply to the area around the heart

    5th CHAKRA • for clear communication and unblocking creativity, apply to throat area or back of the ears

    6th CHAKRA • to develop intuition or mental clarity, apply between the eyebrows

    7th CHAKRA • to tap into higher consciousness, apply to the crown of the head

    ALL 7 CHAKRAS • for balancing all energy centers, apply on your chest and visualize the entire Chakra system


    100% Natural. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Highest Quality.

    We do not use artificial fragrances.

      Our ingredients are derived from 100% sustainable and natural sources and are chosen for their abilities to harmonize the major Chakras.

      The scent is hand-crafted to allow the oils to retain all of their natural properties and fragrances.

      Palo Santo, or Holy Stick, is a natural wood aromatic wood praised for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. It has been used for centuries by the Incas and indigenous people of the Andes in sacred ceremonies.