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FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM


FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM
FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM
FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM
FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM

FLOW Wrist Mala in FREEDOM



FREEDOM Wrist Mala is designed to elevate the energy of all 7 Chakras, to support the balance between all aspects of your life.

Our unique SEPTAGON bead represents Integration and carries frequencies of the Transformation, Growth, & Protection.

    • Green Sandalwood
    • Tibetan Silver
    • Red Agate, Orange Jade, Yellow Jade, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Jade, Amethyst, Clear Quartz
    • Comes in our Signature Gift Box
    • Handmade by our artisans in the U.S.A.
    • Life time guarantee

Small Up to 6 1/4” Medium Up to 7 1/2” Large Up to 8”


GREEN SANDALWOOD - an aromatic hardwood believed to bring peaceful thoughts and contentment. This exotic wood is known for its distinctive color changing ability - when exposed to sunlight and with wear, it turns a deeper shade of green, unique to each piece.

TIBETAN SILVER – traditionally, it has rustic, almost unfinished look to it, and is made of copper, zinc and at least 30% silver. Tibetan Silver is valued based on its color, symbolism and meaning.

  • Red Agate                   Root               protection, stability, safety
  • Orange Jade               Sacral             pleasure, sexuality, spontaneity
  • Yellow Jade                Solar Plexus   willpower, focus, confidence
  • Amazonite                  Heart                compassion, joy, positivity
  • Aquamarine                Throat             expression, creativity, truth
  • Blue Jade                    3rd Eye          intuition, wisdom, memory
  • Amethyst                    Crown            connection to higher power, spirituality
  • Clear Quartz               All 7 Chakras  integration

All materials used in our malas are taken from sustainable sources.

MALA CARE: It is best not to wash your mala beads or wear your mala when swimming or bathing as this can damage the wood. To clean your mala beads gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place them in the shade to dry.


Because malas are special objects that absorb the energy of your intentions, Modern ŌM honors the commitments you make when you wear them.

The Mala Society is our promise to repair or replace your mala in the event that it ever breaks.

By purchasing a mala online from us, you are automatically registered into the Mala Society. For more information click the link above.

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I wear it every day!