by Myk Likhov, CEO

It's been almost 4 years since we brought our products to the market. We’ve done multiple pop-ups, several 800+ person mass meditations, neighborhood events, and, incredibly, we keep getting the same reoccurring feedback from our customers: “Modern ŌM products make ideal gifts”.

Once people understand the intentionality embedded in our designs - we create products according to 7 chakra colors and energies - they realize how thoughtful and personal a Modern ŌM gift can be. With us, gifting becomes an elegant and easy expression of intentional energy... what gifting SHOULD always be.

Sending intentional energy and lifting up another is the highest-vibration use of Modern ŌM products.

For example:

If your sister is changing jobs, and is looking for an opportunity she really loves... you might offer her a necklace in the 3rd chakra color, Yellow, which represents PURPOSE. You would tell her to look down on her Purpose necklace and be inspired to find a role and organization that fulfills her.

Another example:

Your work colleague is literally the nicest human that you've met. He's always asking about everyone's day, and making the people around him feel great. For his birthday you gift him a 4th chakra Green bracelet, embodying COMPASSION. You're honoring his capacity to make others feel good, and you WILL inspire him to continue sharing his positivity with others.

There are endless examples of how you can use Modern ŌM products to create truly meaningful moments when gifting to another. It's the most beautiful aspect of our intentional design. That's why you'll see our entire site is now designed as a gifting solution... we want to make it easy to share intentionality with your loved ones. 

Instructions for gifting mindfully: 

1) Consider your recipient, and the intention you have for her/him. Perhaps it’s to honor a quality, or inspire an action, or heal a pain, or simply to share some joy. 

2) Select an item or experience that clearly transfers this intention from you to the recipient. Write a note that tells the story of your gift, and how it will lift her/him up. 

3) Release expectation of a reaction or response. Remember, the energy you put into the universe is reflected back to you, so you will receive in return. Once you feel this, you know that the true gift is in gifting. 

Each product on our online shop is now giftable, so that you can easily extend your intentional energy to people you love. 


Find our gift collection here, or shop by intention here.





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