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Yoga Philosophy with Harshvardhan

Product image 1Yoga Philosophy with Harshvardhan
Product image 2Yoga Philosophy with Harshvardhan
Product image 3Yoga Philosophy with Harshvardhan

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Sundays // August 9 - September 27// 11am - 12:30pm E.S.T (8 sessions)

Calling all yoga-lovers & spiritual seekers. Isn’t it curious that there are so few options to learn about roots and principles of yoga? There is an abundance of yoga studios that teach asana (physical posture), yet remarkably few that nurture the understanding of the practice. In actuality, the only way to dive deeper into yogic studies is a teacher training program. 

But what if you don’t want to become a yoga teacher, commit to a 6 month program, or pay the $3,000+ tuition? We’ve designed a program that teaches yogic philosophies in a structured, social, and engaging way.

Join Harshvardhan Jhaveri, a yoga scholar from Mumbai, India for this unique 8-week Master Class on Yoga Philosophy that open to you the core tenants, scriptures, and lessons of this spiritual system. 

Note: there is no physical practice

Class Schedule:

Week 1: Systems of Indian Philosophy: Locating Yoga Darshana and tracing its ancient roots. Learn about the different schools of yoga and present day traditions.
Week 2:  Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga (Learn about the origin of Sanskrit and how to say commonly mispronounced Sanskrit words and āsanas) 
Week 3:  Sāmkhya Darshana: The Foundation of Yoga. Study Sāmkhya Metaphysics and learn about their highly respected contributions like the triguna theory.
Week 4:  Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras - Part 1: Samādhi Pāda. Understanding important concepts like the five vrttis, abhyasa and vairagya, samprajnata and asamprajnata samadhi.
Week 5:  Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras - Part 2: Sādhanā Pāda. Understanding kriya yoga, the five kleshas and ashtanga yoga. 
Week 6: Bhagavad Gītā - Jnana, Karma and Bhakti Yoga with special emphasis on Chapter 6 - Dhyana Yoga. 
Week 7:  Mantra Yoga - Learn sacred chants which you can integrate into your daily regime to improve your memory, bring balance and harmony to life. 
Week 8:  Upanishads: Introduction to Vedānta, the philosophy of the Vedās. 

Who Can Benefit:
- All yoga practitioners who want to know more about the practice. 
- All yoga teachers who are seeking a deeper understanding of sacred texts 
- Spiritual seekers from all lineages who would like a deep dive into the yogic lineage. 
- Note: no asana (physical movement) in this master class - philosophy only 

Following the completion of this Master Class, you have a foundation of knowledge about yoga that will deepen your physical practice and allow you to sink deeper into this lineage, or simply to understand for the first time spirituality from the yogic perspective.

Where: ZOOM. We will send the link!

Price: Members $275 / Non-Members $395 

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Harshvardhan began his yoga practice at a very young age with his mother. In his later years, he felt a burning desire to learn this ancient tradition which led him to study and practice with traditional yoga masters from the Kaivalyadhama and Krishnamacharya traditions. His kneen interest in Yoga Shastra and Sanskrit led him to complete his Masters in Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems from Kerala. His mission is to live, teach and widen the horizon of the real undiluted spiritual message of yoga.

Yoga is adhyatmika before it is anything else and this is the cornerstone of all self-healing sciences. Harsh believes that yoga is the grammar of all faiths and thus its universal versatility with all disciplines of true health spanning physical and psychological well-being. Harsh is a practicing yoga scholar and is studying its various branches and understanding the traditions that have evolved from it. He continues to pursue his studies and interests in the different disciplines of philosophy like Samkhya, Advaita Vedanta of Shankaracharya and Kashmir Shaivism.

Harsh is privileged to have met many well-read scholars of Yoga and Sanskrit and has himself written and presented his research work in seminars and international conferences. A good orator, he has also been the Master of Ceremony for such academic events and celebrations. An ascendence of mighty peace is the greatest takeaway experienced by his students.


Imagine groups all over Miami meeting regularly to go inward, together, focused on the same chakra-inspired themes and harnessing the power of collective intention.

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You will be joining a like-minded community and experience amplified health, happiness, & peace in your daily life.

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