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Modern Om

Vision Wrist Mala in PURPOSE


Vision Wrist Mala in PURPOSE

Vision Wrist Mala in PURPOSE


The Vision Wrist Mala in PURPOSE is designed for wearing your intention out into the world.

These unisex bracelets are made of aromatic black Agarwood, known as the "Wood of the Gods”. Wear this mala as a single bracelet, or stack it with other Intention Wrist Malas or with our Philosophy wrist mala, a watch, or other jewelry. It’ll look great with everything.

This design cues the energy of the 3rd Chakra, PURPOSE to remind you of your intention to be strong, confident and to achieve what you desire. For these malas, we chose Yellow Jade for its powerful ability to enable self sufficiency, increase personal power and attract good luck.

View the Origin & Materials tab for more information on the unique properties of these materials.

All Modern ŌM Malas come in our signature gift box and include short descriptions of the materials used in their making.

Origin & Materials

Modern ŌM malas are ethically hand crafted on Hainan Island in China. All woods used in our malas are taken from sustainable sources. Our artisans recite mantras as they string your mala, to add their positive intentions to yours.

YELLOW JADE - Cheerful, energetic, and stimulating, it is believed to attract good luck. Encourages release of the fear of change and enables self-sufficiency.

AGARWOOD - Naturally aromatic and praised for its rich and healing fragrance.  This rare and precious wood is said to enhance mental clarity, open the third eye and upper Chakras, refresh the body and mind, and bring the deep peace necessary for meditation.


Because malas are special objects that absorb the energy of your intentions, Modern ŌM honors the commitments you make when you wear them.

The Mala Society is our promise to repair or replace your mala in the event that it ever breaks.

By purchasing a mala online from us, you are automatically registered into the Mala Society. For more information click the link above.


Our wrist malas come in 3 sizes. We recommend you choose the size that that gently hugs your wrist. Most women will wear a small and most men will wear a medium.

For exact sizing, we recommend using a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist just above the hand.

Small Up to 5 3/4” Medium Up to 6 1/4” Large Up to 7”