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The Method Meditation


The Method Meditation

The Method Meditation


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The Method meditation is simple to learn and easy to do. It's effortless. It’s gentle. It is open to anyone of any age or physical ability. It requires no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere. And it fits easily with our modern busy lives.

The Method meditation practice uses a mantra, a meaningless sound, that can help quiet the mind and settle the body. A mantra pulls you into a subtle state of awareness that some compare to a feeling like lucid dreaming. Those just learning The Method meditation use seed mantras, simplified sounds that are the best meditation method to learn how to meditate on your own as a beginner.

This 3-day meditation course is for beginners, introducing students to the history, methodology and practice of Vedic meditation. Though instruction is delivered in a group format, each student will witness a private ceremony where they receive their personal mantra. The course is delivered in 2-hour segments and each includes a 20 minute group meditation at the end of each class.

Upon completion of any courses, you are invited to join an exclusive community of other students for fellowship, discussion and support. You’ll also receive email invitations to special community events and group meditations.

Date/Time: Friday, July 12th, 2019 -  7-9 PM
Saturday, July 13th, 2019 -  7-9 PM
Sunday, July 14th, 2019 -  10 AM -12 PM

Location: The Modern ŌM Bungalow, the clubhouse for Miami’s largest Mindfulness community. 5020 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

Price: $650.00, $550.00 for Members

No cash refunds. See full event terms and conditions here.


Matt Cardone is a mentor, interventionist, and Vedic Meditation teacher with thousands of hours of study and practice. He’s passionate about helping others ignite their own transformation. Matt travels all over the world leading meditation retreats and meditation courses in corporate environments. He also offers private instruction and mentorship.  


Imagine groups all over Miami meeting regularly to go inward, together, focused on the same chakra-inspired themes and harnessing the power of collective intention.

Membership Benefits:

  1. 45-minute meditations at the Bungalow and across Miami
  2. Exclusive access to events & socials at the Bungalow
  3. 30% discounts on workshops
  4. 15% discounts on products
  5. Rewards & special benefits from our partners like Panther Coffee & Dr Smood

You will be joining a like-minded community and experience amplified health, happiness, & peace in your daily life.

Modern ŌM

Modern ŌM is edging the world in a more conscious direction. Through our Mindfulness club, we make "going inward" accessible and social.

Our meditations have already served over 6,000 students over 600 sessions since April 2016. We have been recognized by Well & Good, Miami Magazine, and The Miami Herald as leading the Miami Mindfulness movement.