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The Awakening of 5D Humanity Master Class

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The Awakening of 5D Humanity Master Class with Darren Austin Hall

Tuesdays, March 9 - March 30, 8 - 9:30PM EST (4 sessions)

A great awakening of human consciousness is occurring on Planet Earth. All over the world, humanity is becoming aware of their multi-dimensionality, apprehending realms of consciousness beyond what has been termed 3D consciousness. This great flowering has occurred for eons mostly by individuals and cultures that were devoted to spiritual practices that awoke a of ‘mystical’ sense of reality. However, in our age of global interconnection, we are now witnessing this flowering in mass consciousness.

This pivotal moment has been prophesized by ancient cultures such as the Maya of Mesoamerica and the Cathars of Europe. It is a time of tremendous excitement and dynamism as humanity breaks free from the shackles of densified 3D reality and launches into a whole new sphere of energetic experience. Yet, it is also a time of great upheaval as beliefs and social-political-cultural structures, which are becoming increasingly out of date, begin to collapse in the increasing turbulence of this great shift. As we transition into what is deemed 5D consciousness, we are being initiated into a whole new way of being, a whole new way of using our mind-body and a whole new spectrum of ideas about reality itself.

In this masterclass journey of four modules, we shall be exploring what the terrain of this radical and resplendent shift into 5D consciousness is all about, how we can embody it in our lives practically and consistently and how we can join the growing co-creation of a new culture of enlightened humanity, stewarding a new world.

Below is a list of various topics that will be covered:

∞ The Convergence of Science & Spirituality
∞ Unity Consciousness, Ancient Prophecies & the Aquarian Age
∞ Introduction into Vibrational Medicine & Sound Healing
∞ Live Sound Healing Journeys for Energetic Harmonization
∞ Learning how to Live via Intuitive Intelligence
∞ Living in Connection with the Guiding Realm
∞ Connecting with our Higher/Ultimate Self
∞ Working with the Chakras
∞ Understanding the Akashic Field
∞ The Tantra of Truth: Working with the End of Polarity
∞ Living by the Heart, the master of the 5th
∞ The Power of Presence & Eternal Time
∞ Eco-Spirituality as 5D paradigm
∞ The path of Gnosis & Self-Realization
∞ The Dawn of the Golden Age & Universal Truth
∞ Guided Meditations to Embody Multi-Dimensionality

Potential benefits of taking this masterclass:

∞ Living with a greater sense of freedom, creativity and flow state
∞ Sensitizing to an energetic sense of reality
∞ Increased level of empathy
∞ Amplified wellness and serenity
∞ Fostering greater purpose in life
∞ Building confidence in one’s own ability to be a channel of self-knowledge

*PLEASE NOTE that these modules are fluid and subject to spontaneous reconfiguration. In allegiance to 5D, we honour that the group field of us all as participant student-teachers, is open to transformation at all instances and I shall humbly be open to guiding accordingly so that we all are honoured where we are. An exciting journey awaits!

Where: ZOOM

Price: Members, $245 (with the code: MEM30EVENT)/ Non-Members $350

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About Darren

Darren Austin Hall is a modern Druid: his service to the world comprises of being a mystical musician/song-channeller/cosmic poet (the Bard), sound healer (the Ovate-healer) and a spiritual sage-philosopher (the Druid). Since a child, Darren has been gifted to channel sounds and songs from spiritual dimensions that help to shift consciousness into mystical states and open pathways to higher wisdom. He tours internationally, sharing his sacred and healing ritual concerts & renowned Sound Journeys, Cacao & Sonic ceremonies, his array of spirituality and wellness workshops as well as his Source Resonance Sound Medicine Training. He was a featured performer at the TEDx Conference in Toronto as well at many eminent festivals all over the world, including the Envision Festival and Sound & Silence. He has released many ground-breaking albums of sacred, healing music including The Tantra of Truth, Songs of Source and Mystical Meditations. He shares his popular Wisdom Warrior talks grounding spiritual insights with contemporary global contexts on his Youtube channel. Darren has been on an odyssey reclaiming the roots of European indigenous wisdom catalyzed by his work with First Nations elders which has culminated in his Gaia Awakening workshops where he shares ancient stories of the Goddess and reclaiming an eco-spiritual sense of the world. His new double-album, Honour All Creation, is a concept album devoted to the dawning of a new culture centering the Earth as a living Goddess and our planetary mother & the universal call to harmonize with guiding Her wisdom. The album will also consist of an online experience where the album is taken as a journey of deep initiation into these inspiring themes. It will also coincide with the launch of the Gaia Awakening online course. Darren is also close to publishing his first series of books, including Love’s Revolution a collection on sacred sexuality and divine romance and a spiritual novel, Earth Knight, about restoring a sacred sense of Earth. Darren is also passionate about rectifying masculinity in a toxic world and has led many men’s groups over the years as well as teaching a course he developed, Heroic Consciousness, which takes men through a journey of empowerment through masculine archetypal psychology. Darren is also the co-founder and resident DJ of The Big Love Ecstatic Dance, integrating his training in Shaking Medicine with Dr. Bradford Keeney. He also shares ecstatic dances and DJs internationally. Darren is passionate about the re-enchantment of our world: restoring a sense of the magical beauty inherent to Earth, reverence for Gaia (the Goddess that is Earth) and helping support the dawn of a new golden age based on universal truths, spiritual science and unity consciousness.

To check out more of Darren's work and to sign up for his newsletter 'Universal Vibrations':
On Instagram @darrendruid.

FB artist and teaching page:
Darren's acclaimed albums and music are also available widely. They can be streamed on Spotify & Apple Music.
For his full discography:
Darren's Soundcloud channel consists of his largest collection of music and also spiritual talks and his ecstatic dance DJ sets (DJ Druid):
Darren's Youtube channel consists of many exciting videos of his live sacred musical performances as well as spiritual talks:

About the Membership

Imagine a community that harnesses the power of collective intention to lead expansive and peaceful lives. 

We are membership club where hundreds of authentic and like-hearted souls meet regularly (online and in real life) to:

  • Show up consistently to a group meditation practice
  • Learn new techniques and tips daily, to improve our lives
  • Be in global community with fellow seekers who share the values of curiosity, openness, compassion, and connection
  • Get introduced to incredibly diverse topics through the experiences, stories, and voices of 100+ teachers and experts
  • Engage our hearts and minds in journaling, sharing circles, book clubs, and community events
  • Dive deep into immersive master classes and trainings

Programming Includes:

  • Cushion Crawl Infinity // Daily Semi-Private Zoom Classes
  • Journaling // Intimate online space for writing, reflecting and sharing
  • Master Classes // 5-8 Week Small Group In-Depth Mentoring
  • Book Club // Community Group Book Study and Discussion
  • Laughing Club // Online Weekly Sessions
  • In-Person Events // For those living in Miami

Additional Membership Benefits:

  1. Private WhatsApp Group to keep you connected to the community and upcoming calendar of events.
  2. Free Unlimited Access to the Cushion Crawl catalog to replay sessions you missed or want to revisit
  3. 30% Discounts to LIVE Master Classes and Workshops
  4. 15% Product Discount at the Modern ŌM Store

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