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Modern ŌM

Sit With Intention / A Neighborhood Meditation in Miami Shores, FL


Sit With Intention / A Neighborhood Meditation in Miami Shores, FL

Sit With Intention / A Neighborhood Meditation in Miami Shores, FL


SWI Miami Shores will be on hiatus until September.

Welcome to Sit With Intention, Miami Shores.

Join Sarah MacMillan as she guides a community of neighbors and locals in an ongoing group meditation themed around the 7 chakra-inspired intentions. Our "sits" are every Monday & Wednesday from 6:30pm – 7:15pm and include mantra, breath-work, visualization, and other modalities like sound healing. All sits end with tea and conversation.

The full Sit With Intention cycle is 8 weeks, because each week has a theme - Vitality, Passion, Purpose, Compassion, Expression, Insight, Connection, and Freedom. You have the opportunity to focus on each of these areas of your life if you sign up for the series.

YOU CAN NOW JOIN THE CYCLE AT ANY TIME, and your 3 options to join are:

  • Register online for a half-program - 1 meditation per week, Monday or Wednesday for 8 weeks. Cost is $80 (or $10/meditation).
  • Register online for a full program - 2 meditations per week, Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks. Cost is $150 (or $9.37/meditation).
  • Drop into any meditation of your choice for $13 - click here to sign up for an individual class.

The location is a private residence in Miami Shores. The address is given with registration.

Your Instructor

Sarah Macmillan, a senior Meditation teacher & Sound Healer based in Miami. She has been a driving force in bringing modern spirituality to Latin women’s contemporary culture through her Spanish-speaking portal for spiritual growth, With 1000s of followers, Sarah’s digital platform inspires women to live from the heart & awaken their soul in order to live their truth in higher levels of consciousness.

About Sit With Intention

Sit With Intention is Modern ŌM’s neighborhood meditation experience. We take meditators through an 8 week journey inward using our 7 chakra-inspired intentions.

Our meditations have already served over 800 meditation students over 150 sessions since April 2016 and been recognized by Well & Good, Miami Magazine, and The Miami Herald as leading the Miami meditation movement.

We currently have meditation communities in Wynwood, FL, Flat Rock, NC, and Miami Shores, FL.