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Modern ŌM

Silver Shield Necklace


Silver Shield Necklace
Silver Shield Necklace
Silver Shield Necklace
Silver Shield Necklace
Silver Shield Necklace

Silver Shield Necklace



This SILVER SHIELD SHUNGITE Necklace is a minimalistic yet powerful unisex piece. It elevates the energies of the 1st Chakra – VITALITY, to remind you of your intention to be healthy and to live in balance.

Wear it daily as a unique personal energy guard, that protects from harmful electromagnetic radiation as well as from other negative influences.

One of the most powerful and high vibrational stones, ELITE SHUNGITE, worn next to your body, stimulates energetic balance and function of all body systems increasing your overall VITALITY.

Made from raw and unaltered pieces of this rare mineral,  our pendants are hand picked for us at the mine.

Beautiful stone with a silvery sheen, ELITE SHUNGITE, is known to:

  • provide physical, emotional and mental balance
  • cleanse and detoxify body and mind
  • boost energy
  • relieve anxieties
(Learn more about Shungite on our blog)

Each pendant is unique in shape and size, approx 1" x .75". Choose 18” or 30” silver chain.

Our own ŌM bead is made of solid sterling silver, and is there to remind you of infinite possibility.

    • Modern ŌM necklaces are ethically handcrafted in the U.S.A.
    • All Modern ŌM necklaces include short descriptions of the materials used in their making and come in our signature gift box, making them perfect for gifting.
    • ELITE SHUNGITE - a rare and incredibly powerful healing stone, is believed to promote cells rejuvination, detoxifies on the physical and subtle energy levels by absorbing toxic energies, balances and activates the 1st Chakra. Shungite has proven to be an excellent shield against harmful electromagnetic radiation across a broad frequency range.
    • SOLID STERLING SILVER - Since ancient times, silver has been closely associated with the moon and represents creativity and emotional intelligence.  In many cultures silver has been known and used for its healing properties.



SHUNGITE is about 2 billion years old and comes from only one place on Earth - ancient deposits in Karelia region of Russia.

Its power is derived from Fullerenes, a unique carbon-based molecular formation which is a major component of Shungite. It is the only natural mineral that contains them.

Fullerenes are proved to have the unique ability to act as an antioxidant and to prevent cell damage by neutralizing free radicals.

All our Shungite products are sourced directly from Karelia, Russia and are tested for authenticity.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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I have been wearing a Shungite wrist mala and recently added the Silver Shield. I did one of those Sundays where you get weeks worth of yard work and house work done in one day, very satisfying but was exhausted and sore at the end of the day. I remember when speaking with Marina, that Shungite was also used for recovery. I put both pieces on when I went to bed that evening. I woke refreshed and absolutely no soreness of any kind. AMAZING. I also feel that adding the intention to the stones when I put them on for them to work with my system really added to the healing effects. Intention is everything. I appreciate Modern Om's philosophy on Intentions!!

A Modern ŌM Customer

it is all about details

I got my Shungite Shield as a gift from my BF, and i so love it!!! I am positive it protects me from everything, from all the harm and bad vibrations, what a great name for a pendant, by the way!! I love it, how the edges are not sharp but somehow smoothened and also i love this whole little hanging bit next to the clasp - it is several little stones and a little OM thing, it is so cool and thought-thru! So much care and attention has been given to this whole necklace! love it love it love it!