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Sacred Medicine Master Class with Ian Hayes

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Mondays // November 2 - December 21 // 8pm - 9.30pm (8 sessions)

Join us for this 8 session exploration of Sacred Medicine, designed to provide a cartography for navigating the most powerful tools available for healing, expanding consciousness and enhancing the human experience.

Students will develop an understanding as to how Sacred Medicine can profoundly contribute to one’s path of awakening through the languages of anthropology, science, psychology and spirituality. This class outlines the knowledge available about Sacred Medicine and is structured to educate students on a variety of personal transformation disciplines.

This informational course is designed for those who may one day choose to embrace medicine work and also for those who are simply interested in the subject matter

You will learn:
- historical, contemporary and future contexts of working with the sacred tools
- about various modalities and how they each biochemically affect our bodies differently
- tips and techniques for protection and navigation during journey work
- benefits and downsides of spiritual and ceremonial cultural appropriation
- how our bodies cellular function of electricity and chemistry relates to sacred pharmacology
- how diet, disease, the current medical system and detoxification can be understood and reframed for improved health and enhanced senses
- how we are psychologically imprinted and collect energy from unprocessed emotions throughout our nervous system
- how to identify childhood trauma, core wounds and navigate shadow work to release energetic blockages
- how behavioral patterns are constructed and transmitted through ancestral karma and life experiences
- a new framework for understanding addiction and mental health challenges
- how parapsychology parallels and translates to expanded consciousness
- techniques of cultural programing and manipulation and how to protect oneself from misinformation and negative aspects of society
- an overview and applicable process to Kundalini awakening
- how to qualify a facilitator
- benefits and challenges of group and solo work
- the importance and process of integration
- combining modalities and advanced techniques

Who Can Benefit:
- those dedicated to personal transformation and growth
- therapists, psychologists, healers, spiritual teachers
- administrators, servers, shamans, medicine workers, psychonauts
- anyone exploring the depths of expanded consciousness
- seekers of truth interested in unraveling the fabric of reality

Where: Live and on Zoom. We will send the link.

The Modern ŌM Bungalow, the clubhouse for Miami’s largest Mindfulness community. 5020 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

Parking: Parking on NE 2nd Ave or side-streets.

Bring: Yourself.

Price: Members, $275 (with the code: MMC120) / Non-Members $395 

Join Cushion Crawl Infinity here and save $120 (equal to 3 mo membership) on this Master Class.

No cash refunds. See full event terms and conditions here.

About Ian

Ian Hayes is a guide who leads seekers to the depths of consciousness.

His passion is to provide a relatable and navigable cartography to working with Sacred Medicines, by dispelling associated fears and revealing the big picture through the languages of science.

He is a facilitator of multiple modalities as well as a practitioner of transformative energetic work.

His personal experiments explore the uncharted boundaries of medicine work and are building highly effective formulas for healing and kundalini awakening.

Ian recently began sharing his experiences and collection of knowledge as a realization and responsibility that many would benefit.  His motivation is to empower and restore balance to individuals and the collective.

He has been quickly gaining a reputation for his ability to clearly communicate the benefits of working with Sacred Medicines as well as function as a conduit capable of unlocking the dormant potential of the human experience within others.

A General Contractor by trade, he has specialized in the renovation of hundreds of real estate projects, as a collector of classic vehicles his skill lies in restorations, as an artist and professional musician he enjoys all things creative.  These unique talents and interests nurture a foundation for identifying dormant beauty in all aspects of life and breathing renewed energy into them.

About the Club

Imagine a community that harnesses the power of collective intention to explore Mindfulness.

A club where 100s of genuinely nice and likeminded souls meet regularly, online and in real life, to:

  • Develop a consistent group meditation practice
  • Learn advanced yoga techniques from best teachers in the world
  • Engage our minds and hearts over an intentional book club
  • Be inspired with top-level master classes and lectures
  • Become facilitators of group meditation practices

Modern ŌM will inspire you to embody your best self, starting from within.

Join the Club here to access our programming and discounts.

About Modern ŌM

Modern ŌM is edging the world in a more conscious direction. Through our Mindfulness club, we make "going inward" accessible and social.

Our meditations have served over 6,000 ŌMies since April 2016 and have been recognized by Well & Good, Miami Magazine, The Miami Herald, and more as leaders in the mindfulness movement.

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Jud I.
United States United States

Sacred Medicine with Ian Hayes!

Ian is a very rare combination: an Excellent Teacher and a Master of Understanding in an area most people don’t understand and he is genuinely and deeply a humble human being.

Christine C.
United States United States

Mind Blowing

I am so grateful for Modern Om for providing this class with Ian. I have learned so much and expanded my mind immensely. This class was so valuable to me I am so happy I decided to take it. Definitely life altering !

Toni D.
United States United States

More than enlightening

Ian is highly educated on the subject of Sacred Medicine and has an easy relaxed way of breaking it down so people new to the subject can easily understand. He goes above and beyond making himself available to his students. This has been a favorite workshop experience. Thank you Ian

Michael T.
United States United States

Amazing Learning

Ian has so much to offer, knowledge and experience that is almost impossible to compress all that into 10 classes. However, he did in such an amazing way. You will learn about many plant and natural medicines, different options, safe practices, how to choose and trust a facilitator, whatever you need to know, Ian will share in a very professional way. This is just the beginning there is a lot more to learn and experience but it was a great start. I highly recommend this master class.

Olga A.
United States United States

Ian is a master!

Ian has a broad knowledge and experience in the world of entheogens. I highly recommend Ian’s class to anybody curious about safety protocols, his personal journey and experimentations, overall sacredness of ancient knowledge. Ian beautifully ties it all up in this Masterclass. Enjoyed it very much!

Steven R.
United States United States

Wonderful insightful presentation

Amazing informative presentation with an instructor who has walked the walk and beyond. Ian is now my go to medicine man who has the knowledge and experience of a master. He has gained my trust and I’m looking forward to having More plant medicine Experiences with him. He is extremely knowledgeable, his teachings are profound and he gives you the space to have your experience and is always present to allow you to feel safe and secure. I highly recommend anyone interested in plant medicine to definitely take this class!!

Emily B.
United States United States


That someone took the time to put together years of study material, readings, self experiences and more about this matter it’s a gift to humanity. Everyone interested in growing or evolving spiritually or even someone flirting with the idea of trying plant medicine would benefit SO much from this master class. Every detail of information was fantastic and so intelligent. Everything made sense and it felt pure. Highly highly recommended. I’m double-dipping for sure! ;)

Bea P.
United States United States

Medicine Master Class And ceremony

I never knew this class and ceremony would it made me understand So much about myself, behaviors of others, cleanse My past, aline and balance my present , and Prepare me for My future vision. I highly recommend it. Great teacher with so much knowledge! Thank you for this amazing experience.

United States United States

Mind Blowing and Heart Expanding

This one of a kind program is a must for those who really want to explore the world of spiritual medicines. Ian speaks from his own comprehensive experience with various medicines and energetic practices. He is gentle, kind, loving and very generous with his knowledge. You will be left warmly embraced with a clear view of what spiritual medicines can offer you.

Claudia E.
United States United States

If you think you know, then brace yourself.

Ian is out of this world, The weekly content was well based on facts and research and the community you create is priceless. See you there, I’m going for a second round! C

Mariela B.
United States United States

Comprehensive class

Ian is an amazing instructor, very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. This is a great class to understand the different sacred medicine modalities and their benefits.

Michael M.
United States United States

Energy Evolution for a more Conscious Generation

Ian brings years of experience into an 8 week class that will expand your mind beyond belief. He’s a true master at his craft and comes with the most pure, loving intentions. This earth would be an enlightened place if each one of us could be so fortunate to sit with Ian and integrate his teachings into their daily lives. If you are ready for a life changing experience come to this class! All love!

Vincent D.
United States United States

Energetically Engaging

Ian is a master of understanding plant medicines. Each class took us to deeper levels of understanding energy, medicine, emotions, and diet and how they all work together when in alignment. The experience was amazing and I had many breakthroughs-I highly recommend this to any seeker of healing or knowingness!!

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