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Modern Om

Power Wrist Mala in COMPASSION

$39.00 $25.35

Power Wrist Mala in COMPASSION

Power Wrist Mala in COMPASSION

$39.00 $25.35

The Power Wrist Mala in COMPASSION is designed for wearing your intention out into the world. This design cues the energy of the 4th Chakra, COMPASSION, supported by the powerful properties of Amazonite and Pyrite, to remind you of your intention to give and accept love.

Wear your wrist mala by itself, or pair it with our other wrist malas. They also look great stacked with your favorite watch.

These unisex bracelets are made of Amazonite and faceted Pyrite. A 4th Chakra stone, Amazonite is known to promote feelings of compassion and forgiveness. Combining it with Pyrite amplifies its properties by balancing its energies with lower Chakras.

View the Origin & Materials tab for more information on the unique properties of these stones.

All Modern ŌM Malas come in our signature gift box and include short descriptions of the materials used in their making.

Origin & Materials

Modern ŌM wrist malas are ethically hand crafted on Hainan Island in China.

Our artisans recite mantras as they string your mala, to add their positive intentions to yours.

AMAZONITE - Encourages truthfulness, integrity, hope, and trust. it helps to dissipate worry and anger. Helps to overcome fears and emotional distress.

PYRITE - Increases willpower, focus and motivation. Invites prosperity, abundance and success. Powerful stone for men - helps in making good business and financial decisions, encourages action borne out of wisdom.  Helps in overcoming addictions.


Because malas are special objects that absorb the energy of your intentions, Modern ŌM honors the commitments you make when you wear them.

The Mala Society is our promise to repair or replace your mala in the event that it ever breaks.

By purchasing a mala online from us, you are automatically registered into the Mala Society. For more information click the Mala Society link at the top of the page.


Most women will wear a small and most men will wear a medium.

For exact sizing, we recommend using a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist just above the hand.

Small Up to 6 1/4” Medium Up to 7 1/2” Large Up to 8”