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Numerology Masterclass

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How to Learn A Simple Numerology Session to Funnel Clients Into Your New or Existing Business!


Monday, February 15, 8:00-9:30 PM (EST)



Join Hay House Author and Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace and Celebrity Intuitive Coach Janet Namaste, along with business strategist Berjheny Del Mar to learn the Language of the Universe and Unlock the Hidden Messages All Around US, in order to excite and entice new clients to work with you!

We know that there is a lot of noise out there.

We get it.

We also know that people are FASCINATED by Numerology, which is the Language of the Stars and the Universe.

Numerology is an ancient method of communication, and because each number has its own energetic meaning and its own vibratory influence, you can draw in new clients by getting them interested in learning how the numbers in their name and birthday contain information about their character, motivation, life purpose, love relationships and more!

If you are a seeker, a coach, a healer who…

- Feels called to take your natural intuitive gifts and enhance them to a level of mastery in order to help and serve others.
- Is ready to get clear on your vision and mission to help others and turn it into a rewarding profession.
- Are called to learn new tools to activate your coaching or healing abilities so that you can attract new clients with ease and grace.
- Are curious on how to authentically and gently, use Numerology to help up-sell your products and services during this time of great uncertainty and change?

During this powerful Master Class you will: 

- Discover the energetic meaning of the numbers 0-9 so that you can better help your clients make informed decisions.
- Learn how to decipher your client's soul’s essence so that you can guide them on their life’s purpose. 
- Discern when your clients and loved ones are on the right path by utilizing numerology so that everyone can move forward with confidence and ease.
- Understand how to turn your numerology session into a lead magnet for your programs and services so that you can build up your clientele.

If you are ready to learn numerology and how to use it to enhance your business… 

Then Join Us!

Where: The Modern ŌM Bungalow, the clubhouse for Miami’s largest Mindfulness community. 5020 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137.

Parking: Parking on NE 2nd Ave or side-streets.

Become a Member and join Cushion Crawl Infinity here.

No cash refunds. See full event terms and conditions here.

About Jennifer, Janet, and Berjheny

Jennifer Grace
Celebrity Coach Jennifer Grace, was named Miami’s number #1 Life Coach by New Times. She is a Hay House Author, Motivational speaker, Radio Show host, and Ted X Speaker. Jennifer leads both kids, adults and professionals in corporations, such as Prada and Facebook, to reach next levels of human potential and peak performance with mindfulness and emotional intelligence tools from the program she teaches, The Catalyst, based on a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course.
Jennifer currently leads workshops internationally and online. Over the last 10 years, she has traveled to 15 different exotic destinations, and she and her retreat participants have raised over $50,000 to help communities in need worldwide with her give back retreats.

Janet Namaste
Celebrity Intuitive Life Coach, Janet Namaste has empowered tens of thousands throughout the world to become aligned with their life’s purpose. Facilitating each individual through their own unique journey, Janet has successfully guided many in their authentic life transformations. She has the innate skill that aids in the discovery of your personal destined dreams and then helps you launch them into reality.
She is a Mind, Body & Wellness Practitioner with a BA in Education, furthered her studies in Computer Science and is an Expert Transformational Coach, certified in Creativity in Business Master’s Degree Program from Stanford University, Hypnotherapy, and Regression Therapy. She is a skilled Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and a Reiki Master with over 25 years of experience. Janet is the lead trainer in NYC for the Stanford University Mindfulness program where she teaches privately in the New York Department of Education. She has dedicated her life in teaching Mindfulness and Healing for both adults and children, enriching others while using her skills as an Intuitive Empath. For more info visit

Berjheny Del Mar
Berjheny Del Mar is conscious serial entrepreneur, business desig­ner, branding strategist, in-demand consultant and mentor with more than 18 years of experience designing and growing purpose-driven, businesses and thriving brands. She helps passionate, smart, creative and heart-centered women, change-makers, and visio­naries monetize their expertise, launch passion-ba­sed businesses, create authentic brands, and make the quantum leap they know they are capable of whi­le making the difference they want to make.
A wanderess with a gypsy soul. Wife and mother of two global citizens, who speaks multiple languages and travels the world teaching, learning, working, playing and discovering. She is passionate about sustainability, wellness and social innovation. An ardent crafter, lover of authentic experiences and participant in the great expe­riment of life / work balance with the goal to help woman create a fulfilling life and ignite positive change in others through entrepreneurship. Website:

About the Membership

Imagine a community that harnesses the power of collective intention to lead expansive and peaceful lives. 

We are membership club where hundreds of authentic and like-hearted souls meet regularly (online and in real life) to:

  • Show up consistently to a group meditation practice
  • Learn new techniques and tips daily, to improve our lives
  • Be in global community with fellow seekers who share the values of curiosity, openness, compassion, and connection
  • Get introduced to incredibly diverse topics through the experiences, stories, and voices of 100+ teachers and experts
  • Engage our hearts and minds in journaling, sharing circles, book clubs, and community events
  • Dive deep into immersive master classes and trainings

Programming Includes:

  • Cushion Crawl Infinity // Daily Semi-Private Zoom Classes
  • Journaling // Intimate online space for writing, reflecting and sharing
  • Master Classes // 5-8 Week Small Group In-Depth Mentoring
  • Book Club // Community Group Book Study and Discussion
  • In-Person Events // For those living in Miami

Additional Membership Benefits:

  1. Private WhatsApp Group to keep you connected to the community and upcoming calendar of events.
  2. Free Unlimited Access to the Cushion Crawl catalog to replay sessions you missed or want to revisit
  3. 30% Discounts to LIVE Master Classes and Workshops
  4. 15% Product Discount at the Modern ŌM Store

Modern ŌM will inspire you to embody your best self, starting from within. Join the Club here to access our programming and discounts.

About Modern ŌM

Modern ŌM is a global community that meets to explore mindful lessons taught by epic facilitators from around the world.

We offer 45 minute daily sessions on Zoom, deep dives into expansive topics, and in-person events for our Miami tribe.

We also create beautiful intentional products and gifts as daily reminders to show up as the most empowered version of you.

Our company has served over 10,000 ŌMies since April 2016 and have been recognized by Well & Good, Miami Magazine, The Miami Herald, and more as a leader of the mindful lifestyle.

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