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MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala


MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala
MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala
MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala
MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala
MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala

MODERN LIFE Wrist Wrap Mala


Our Modern Life Malas remind you to access your awareness in a complicated modern world. From navigating work, to traffic, to social obligations and social media… the energy of all 7 Chakras will support you in finding that balance between the external world and your internal peace. They are the perfect accessories for your day at the festival.

This mala has 108 beads and are made of Black Pearwood, with Red Agate, Orange Jade, Yellow Jade, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Jade, and Purple Jade.

View the Origin & Materials tab for more information on the unique properties of these stones and special wood.

All Modern ŌM Malas come in our signature gift box and include short descriptions of the materials used in their making.

Wearing It

This can be worn around your neck, as a choker, or wrapped around your wrist 3 or 4 times.

MALA CARE: It is best not to wash your mala beads or wear your mala when swimming or bathing as this can damage the wood. To clean your mala beads gently wipe the beads using a damp cloth and place them in the shade to dry.

Origin & Materials

All Modern ŌM malas are ethically handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Our artisans recite mantras as they string your mala, to add their positive intentions to yours.

RED AGATE - A grounding stone with a cleansing effect, it bringing balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit and gives courage and strength.

ORANGE JADE - Instills self-confidence and encourages, strengthens intellect. Provides inner stability, composure and maturity. Helps to banish negative emotions, awakens inner joy and brings pleasure and comfort.

YELLOW JADE - Cheerful, energetic, and stimulating, it is believed to attract good luck. Encourages release of the fear of change and enables self-sufficiency.

AMAZONITE - Encourages truthfulness, integrity, hope, and trust. Helps to dissipate worry and anger and overcome fears and emotional distress.

AQUAMARINE - Assists in the clear communication of our highest truth. Enhances courage and clarity to express inner knowing. Dispels the difficulty in communicating feelings.

BLUE JADE - Helps to relax and reach the deeper stage of meditation encourages self- awareness and supports a state of serenity, connects with inner voice and guidance.

PURPLE JADE - Enhances inspiration and a true sense of peace, increases spiritual awareness. Purifies the aura and dispels negative feelings and attitudes.

VIETNAMESE BLACK PEAR WOOD - Is said to promote healing, longevity and prosperity, to be very grounding, and to provide physical and spiritual nourishment while fueling inspiration and creativity.


Because malas are special objects that absorb the energy of your intentions, Modern ŌM honors the commitments you make when you wear them.

The Mala Society is our promise to repair or replace your mala in the event that it ever breaks.

By purchasing a mala online from us, you are automatically registered into the Mala Society. For more information click the Mala Society link at the top of the page.