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Mindful January Challenge - Partner

Product image 1Mindful January Challenge - Partner
Product image 2Mindful January Challenge - Partner
Product image 3Mindful January Challenge - Partner
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On January 1st, embark on 31 transformative days of mindful practices with 31+ expert facilitators from around the world.

This challenge is for you if you're ready to:

  • Get better at managing stress in an uncertain world
  • Start a daily ritual of self-care that improves your quality of life
  • Learn new tools that will help you access joy and ease more regularly
  • Grow with a community that supports your personal transformation
  • Help raise the planet's vibration, starting with yourself

Participate on your terms and scheduleYour video is turned off, so you can access each session from anywhere (your bed, your kitchen, your office) and if 10AM EST isn't convenient, simply watch the recording. It's that easy. 

Your Mindful January Challenge includes:

  • 31 LIVE Mindful Sessions // 10 - 10:45AM EST (recordings available) // 31+ Facilitators
  • 4 LIVE Journaling Sessions // Mondays 8:30AM EST // Jodi Darren
  • 4 LIVE Book Club Sessions // Thursdays 7:30PM EST // Stephen Clark
  • Daily emails with prompts, extra content, and insider perks

    Did we mention there are prizes for attending LIVE or recorded sessions:

    • Attend 21 days to win a $30 credit towards programs or products
    • Attend 31 days to win a private session with a facilitator plus a $30 credit

    Sign up to the challenge by Dec 31Together, let's "exhale 2020" and inhale an expansive new year. 

    31 Day Facilitator & Topic Schedule

    Jan 1st | Peter Oppermann | Meet Your Future Self in 2021
    Jan 2nd | Rachel Pringle | Anti-Transcendence of Tantric Practices
    Jan 3rd | Darren Austin Hall | The Awakening of 5D Humanity
    Jan 4th | Brian Marc Zimberg | Accessing Modern Meditation
    Jan 5th | Sheva and Robert | Your Heart's Blueprint
    Jan 6th | Fern Olivia | Akashic Records & Healing Meditation
    Jan 7th | Jesse Gros | Heart-Centered Breathwork
    Jan 8th | Jeff Scult | Claiming Your Golden Voice
    Jan 9th | Parashakti | Dance of Liberation
    Jan 10th | Elian Zach | Pray & Heal: A Ho'oponopono Journey
    Jan 11th | Michael J Krass | Finding, Feeling, & Freeing You in 2021
    Jan 12th | Sifu Matthew | Martial Arts of Wellness
    Jan 13th | Morgan Field | Energy Alchemy
    Jan 14th | Erin Rose Ward | Divine Feminine Breathwork
    Jan 15th | Alan Wein | The Hidden Power of Laughter
    Jan 16th | Murray Hidary | MindTravel Guided Walking Meditation
    Jan 17th | Nat Ma | Kriya Meditation: Superconscious Shortcut
    Jan 18th | Harshvardhan Jhaveri | Meditation on Om from Yogic texts
    Jan 19th | Megan Lee Joy | Find Your Joy
    Jan 20th | Ian Hayes | Navigating Multiple Dimensions
    Jan 21th | Sarah MacMillan | Breathwork
    Jan 22nd | Emilia Garth | Seeds of Love
    Jan 23rd | EuGene Gant | The Activation: Conscious Movement
    Jan 24rd | Jodi Darren | Journaling with Jodi
    Jan 25th | Teresa Cesario | You are not Yourself Meditation
    Jan 26th | Jordana Reim | Is Your Work Working For You?
    Jan 27th | Meghan Rose | Magic & Mysticism of Tarot
    Jan 28th | Marlize Joubert | Heal with Breathwork
    Jan 29th | Daniel Ryan | Hypnotherapy for Creativity
    Jan 30th | Jennifer Grace | Completing 2020 Envisioning 2021
    Jan 31st | Amanda Gilbert | Living With Intention

    About Modern ŌM

    We are a community of epic people that meet regularly, online and in real life, to support each other in leading our best lives. This club is for you if you want to:

    • Show up consistently to a group meditation practice
    • Learn new techniques and tips daily through the experiences, stories, and voices of 100+ teachers and experts
    • Be in global community with fellow seekers who share the values of curiosity, compassion, and connection
    • Engage your hearts and mind in journaling, conscious conversations, book clubs, and social events
    • Dive deep into immersive master classes and trainings

    Additional Membership Benefits:

    1. Private WhatsApp Group to keep you connected to the community and upcoming calendar of events.
    2. Free Unlimited Access to the Cushion Crawl recording library
    3. 30% Discounts to LIVE Master Classes and Workshops
    4. 15% Product Discount at the Modern ŌM Store

    Our company has served over 10,000 ŌMies since April 2016 and has been recognized by Well & Good, The NY Observer, Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, The Miami Herald, and more for our leadership in the mindful movement.

    See membership terms of service here.

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