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Meditation Training Chakra Module // LIVE ONLINE

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Sundays // May 17 - July 5 // 10am - 12pm E.S.T. (8 sessions)
Modern ŌM's Meditation Training Chakra Module dives deep into the 8 primary themes of our Meditation Club. This LIVE ONLINE program offers Chakra education, practices, and discussions that will  deepen your experiential knowledge of the chakra system and builds a knowledge base students wishing to enter Modern ŌM's 100hr meditation teacher training.
Week 1 - Freedom: 7 Sacred Centers, The Chakra System
Week 2 - Vitality: Getting Rooted, Root Chakra Wisdom
Week 3 - Passion: Finding Your Flow, Sacral Chakra Wisdom
Week 4 - Purpose: Intentional Living, Solar Chakra Wisdom
Week 5 - CompassionThe Rhythm of Forgiveness, Heart Chakra Wisdom
Week 6 - Expression: Voice of Truth, Throat Chakra Wisdom
Week 7 - Insight: Sight of Knowledge, Third Eye Chakra Wisdom
Week 8 - Connection: Going Inward Together, Crown Chakra Wisdom

  • Admission into the Modern ŌM MTT Program
  • 25 hours of MTT Training for those continuing with us
  • Weekly Structure:
  • 30 min guided meditation with Master Teacher Jasmyn Russell
  • 90 min group discussion that offers in-depth understanding of the ancient symbolism each Chakra represents, as well as techniques to bring balance to our energetic and emotional system through meditative practices as well as real-life application

  • Homework requirements:
    • Traditional chakra wisdom and practical applications
    • Daily 10 minute meditation on each chakra

    Reading requirements
    • The Untethered Soul

    Total Hours Breakdown- 30 hours
      • Guided Meditation: 4 hours
      • Chakra Wisdom: 12 hours
      • Personal Practice: 9 hours
      • Self Study/Reading: 5 hours


    * For ŌMies interested in applying for our Meditation Teacher Training, you will gain 8 weeks of daily chakra practice that will be credited to your 100hr certification.

    Where: LIVE Online via Zoom

    Price: $295 (Modern ŌM Members) // $395 (Non-Members)

    Sign up for Membership here and save $100 (equal to 2.5 mo membership) on this Master Class.

    No cash refunds. See full event terms and conditions here.

    About Jasmyn

    In 2008, Jasmyn's spiritual journey took her to to India where she lived under direct supervision and tutelage of her Guru, Paramahnsa Niranjananda, in the Bihar School of Yoga Sciences. There she studied spiritual disciplines that she would ultimately bring back to the modern world. After leading meditation and yoga retreats in Italy, Greece, Colombia and the Bahamas, Jasmyn is now a popular teacher of yoga in Miami. Her emphasis on on integrating ancient spiritual and meditative practices into daily life.

    About the Club

    Imagine a community that harnesses the power of collective intention to explore Mindfulness.

    A club where 100s of likeminded authentic & mindful souls meet regularly, online and in real life, to:

    • Develop a consistent group meditation practice
    • Learn advanced yoga techniques from best teachers in the world
    • Engage our minds and hearts over an intentional book club
    • Be inspired with top-level master classes and lectures
    • Become facilitators of group meditation practices

    Modern ŌM will inspire you to embody your best self, starting from within.

    Join the Club here to access our programming and discounts.

    About Modern ŌM

    Modern ŌM is edging the world in a more conscious direction. Through our Mindfulness club, we make "going inward" accessible and social.

    Our meditations have served over 6,000 ŌMies since April 2016 and have been recognized by Well & Good, Miami Magazine, The Miami Herald, and more as leaders in the mindfulness movement.

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