Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis

Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis
Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis
Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis
Load image into Gallery viewer, Astrology & Archetypes Book Club with George H. Lewis

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Wednesdays // September 2 - 30 // 8:00-9:00 pm (5 sessions)

Do you accept that the moon pulls the tides of the oceans and affects the water on this planet? Of course you do. 

And yet many people have trouble believing that when much larger planets align, they have a similar, if not greater pull on the earth and, in turn, human events. 

In the book Cosmos and Psyche, brilliant Harvard-educated author Richard Tarnas challenges the materialistic view of the modern world and presents evidence for a link between planetary alignments and patterns of human history.

Are these historical-astrological links coincidences? Or explainable synchronicities? Cosmos and Psyche is an impeccably researched analysis of links between cosmic and historical events such as the Reformation, the Renaissance, Romanticism, the Scientific and the Industrial Revolutions. 

We are privileged to have George H Lewis to lead September’s book club.

In the final session of this book club, George will present his brand new illustrated book “The Boy and the Boy King” by George H. Lewis and A.D. Lubow. Published by American University in Cairo Press and available on Amazon or

Cosmos and Psyche

Cosmos and Psyche” by Richard Tarnas (2006) where the author elaborates through considerable research and data that the world, indeed the Universe is encoded in a plan. The book’s primary objective is to challenge the materialistic and scientific world view that the nature of the universe is mechanistic and disenchanted and has us in this world by pure accident. This nihilistic view point is not only challenged by Tarnas but rejected as evidence is brought forward regarding the planetary alignments, suggesting a strong correlation between these cyclical movements and worldly events. Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New York View: by Richard Tarnas on Amazon.

The Boy & Boy King

There are many ways to talk about this stellar universal encoding that continues to evolve in our species. In Lewis’s first book to be published, “The Boy and the Boy King” he shows children and adults that we are born of stardust and that we are made of that code. Our very psyche is hard wired within the elegant design of the cosmos itself, running the software that is our spirit. It’s a system authored by divinity itself. It is a timeless code that never ends.

This book is a way of letting children and indeed adults know that life, and humanity itself is born of the stars and carries within this ancient and timeless code. Published by American University in Cairo Press and available on Amazon or

   • Wednesday Sep 2nd 2020 (An intro to Cosmos and Psyche)
Why have I chosen Cosmos and Psyche? Two Paradigms of History: The Modern Western sense of Separation of Self from the Universe vs. the Primal World View

   • Lecture 2 - Wednesday, Sep 9th, 2020 
The Inner Quest vs. The Hero’s Journey:  The Intangible Divine in All of Us Connected to the Cosmos.

   • Lecture 3 - Wednesday, Sep 16th, 2020
The Cycles of Planetary Alignments and How They Align with Key Historical Events.

   • Lecture 4 - Wednesday, Sep 23th, 2020
The Evolution of Man and the Potential for a Spiritual Awakening and Upgrade of our Evolving Cosmically-Sourced Cosmic Code.  The Alternatives: What is to Become of Us as a Species if We Don’t Work Toward a holistic and more sustainable relationship with ourselves and our planet.

   • Lecture 5 - Wednesday, Sep 30th, 2020
Reflections on Lewis’s new illustrated book, “The Boy and the Boy King” and how it sums up his thoughts and aspirations for a spiritual awakening of our cosmic imagination and the purity and majesty of a childhood that never ends.

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About George H. Lewis

There are many wonderful master teachers of astrology who can enlighten us. But few can call upon so many polymathic skills, talents and lush life experiences to paint such a complete and colorful picture of the art and practice of Astrology as George H. Lewis.

After a classical education in Britain, Lewis set off on a life’s journey to discover and learn from the wealth of human spirituality on display across the globe. In his twenties, he spent many years in the Middle East where for a period he painted for the Royal Court and the Sultan of Oman. George also spent several months living with Bedouins in the deserts of Arabia, learning from their special relationship with the stars. As George, points out, “nighttime, is the daytime of the desert.” And you can see and feel this in Lewis’s masterfully poetic photographs of Middle-Eastern landscapes and his no-less magical Mid-East paintings.

George is an ambassador-at large representing the Kingdom of Bhutan’s policy of “gross national happiness,” a practice now studied and accepted by mainstream Western economists. For a visual tour of George’s time in the Kingdom, see the brilliant photos of that period in his life.  Whether it’s ancient temples clinging to a cliff or monks shrouded by a cloud, these are images not to be missed.

George studied under a number of different mentors. Studying the archetypes with Carolyne Myss and holotropic breath work with Jessica Dibb and Stan Grof, among others. His practice, based in New York City, London and at his healing center in upstate New York has counseled hundreds of grateful patients.

Now, in addition to his art, lectures and healing, Lewis has authored and illustrated “The Boy and the Boy King,” published by American University in Cairo Press and available on Amazon, and other sites and bookstores. According to George, this book — about the majesty of childhood imagination— encapsulates his feelings and ideas about the necessity of spiritual evolution and advancing humanity’s connection to the cosmos. George tells us: “Though you could call it a children’s book, it’s actually a summing up of all my converging ideas and practices. It might better be called a children’s book for all of us.” The illustrations in the book were the basis of a popular exhibition called “May We All Grow Up to be Children” which was extended by popular demand at the Westchester Children’s Museum and Sands Point Preserve Conservancy.

George has also ventured into the decorative arts. Steinway & Sons will soon announce that George’s long-awaited seascape art case piano will go on sale soon.  

To enlighten you on the importance of Cosmos and Psyche, we could have invited a panel of astrologers, healers, yogis, spiritual advisers, photographers, painters, poets, writers and illustrators who have lived everywhere from London to New York, Uzbekistan to Yemen. Instead, we are privileged to present all of the above in the personage of our honored guest and faculty member, George H. Lewis.

For the full extent of Lewis’s art, photography and healing talents, visit

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