Day 439 // The Self Love Commitment w Rachel Levy (Miami)
Day 438 // Chakra Breathing w Christina Ionno (Brooklyn)
Day 437 // Journaling & Vision Theory w Jodi Darren (Miami)
Day 436 // Processing + Releasing Stuck Emotions w Michelle Alva (Key Biscayne)
Day 435 // Movement + Meditation w Erin Rose Ward (LA)
Day 434 // Avatars, Masters, & Saints w Michael Gebhardt (DR)
Day 433 // Shamanic Meditation & Dance w Fern Olivia (CR)
Day 432 // Hawaiian Ho’oponopono w Emilia Garth (Miami Beach)
Day 431 // Breathwork Heals w Marlize Joubert (South Africa)
Day 430 // Healing Through the Chakras w Morgan Field (Miami)
Day 429 // Prototype Your Dreams Into Reality w Peter Oppermann (LA)
Day 428 // Regenerate Your Nervous System w Sifu Matthew (USA)
Day 427 // Yogasūtra with w Harshvardhan Jhaveri (India)
Day 426 // Alchemy of Dance w Bība (Turkey)
Day 425 // The New Earth Story w Darren Austin Hall (CR)
Day 424 // Heart-Centered Breathwork w Jesse Gros (CA)
Day 423 // 7 Cycles to Freedom w Jasmyn Russell (Tulum)
Day 422 // Sovereignty, Devotion & Full Expression in Relationship w Alain Lagger (CR)
Day 421 // Astrology & Sound Meditation w George Lewis (NYC)
Day 420 // How To Make The Heart A Home w Amanda Gilbert (NYC)
Day 419 // Kriya Yoga Master Class w Pablo Gomez (Tulum)
Day 418 // Practicing Poetry & Peace w Kurt Peloquin (USA)
Day 417 // Inspiration & Integration Through Breath Play w Jordana Reim (Thailand)
Day 416 // Your Life As a Living Ceremony w Mara Branscombe (Vancouver)
Day 415 // The Power of Prayer w Julian DeVoe (CR)
Day 414 // The Ultimate Chrakra Balancing Meditation w Erika Ramelli (Houston)
Day 413 // The Art of Sacred Living w Kevin Walton (Hollywood, FL)
Day 412 // The Art of Intentional Living w Nour Kawa (Miami)
Day 411 // Find Your Sonic Joy w Megan Joy (LA)
Day 410 // Pineal Gland Activation Gamma Breathwork w RahQuel Star Achiaviatta (CR) - NA
Day 409 // Shamanic Meditation for Chakra Healing w Fern Olivia (CR)
Day 408 // Activation to Embody Self-Love and Self-Worth w Michelle Alva (Miami)
Day 407 // Sonic Joy Sound Bath w Megan Joy (LA)
Day 406 // Replay of Awakening Joy w Laurasia Mattingly (LA)
Day 405 // Mindful Pilates w Emily Bench-Lahrssen (USA)
Day 404 // Your Future As An Elder w Jodi Darren & Mame Ali (Miami)
Day 403 // Elemental Breathwork and Kriya w Chad Woodford (NYC)
Day 402 // Kriya Kundalini w Pablo Gomez (Tulum)
Day 401 // Self Mastery through Observation w Ian Hayes (Miami)
Day 400 // Transformational Breathwork w Erin Rose Ward (LA)
Day 399 // Deepening the Art of Sacred Faciltation w Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion (LA)
Day 398 // The Wave Ecstatic Dance w Julia Grace (Miami)
Day 397 // Evoke Your Inner Artist Sonic Experience w Luna Maye (Philadelphia)
Day 396 // Traditional Pranayama w Harshvardhan Jhaveri (Mumbai)
Day 395 // Healing Your Brain and Nervous System w Sifu Matthew (USA)
Day 394 // Practical Tips to Activate Our Body's Wisdom w Michelle Alva (Key Biscayne)
Day 393 // Mindfulness Tools to Befriend Your Body w Sasha Nelson (Paris)
Day 392 // Soulful Sunday Alchemy Sound Activation w Roxy Ghoraishy (LA)
Day 391 // Release with Breathwork w Gina Avellan (Miami)
Day 390 // Practicing Peace & Poetry w Kurt Peloquin (USA)
Day 389 // Energy Boosting Breathwork & Meditation w Jordana Reim (Thailand)
Day 388 // Inner Freedom Journey w Onyay Pheori (Tulum)
Day 387 // Guided Pyramid Breathwork Experience w Johann Urb (Miami)
Day 386 // Meditation To Cleanse The Subconscious Mind w EuGene Gant (Miami Beach)
Day 385 // Soul Reset w Kute Blackson (Miami)
Day 384 // Dance Reset w Parashakti (USA)
Day 383 // Flow Reset w Murray Hidary (LA)
Day 382 // Prana Reset w Elena Brower (Santa Fe)
Day 381 // Spiritual Reset w Shekinah & Sananda (USA)
Day 380 // Heart Reset w Sheva and Robert (Boulder Creek)
Day 379 // Mental Reset w Ben Decker (LA)
Day 378 // Ho’oponopono w Elian Zach (Miami)
Day 377 // Get High From Laughter w Alan Wein (CR)
Day 376 // Find Your Joy w Megan Joy (LA)
Day 375 // Heart-Centered Breathwork w Jesse Gros (Marina Del Rey)
Day 374 // Flow+Tell Sound Performance w Jonathan Stone (Miami)
Day 373 // Contemplative Prayer w Ally Bogard (USA)
Day 372 // Dhyana - Yoga Meditation w Harshvardhan Jhaveri (Goa)
Day 371 // The Alchemy of Love w EuGene Gant (Miami)
Day 370 // Replay of Embodying the Shape of YOU w Mar Sierra (Ixtapa, MX)
Day 369 // Basic Principles of Kriya Yoga w Pablo Gomez (Mexico City)
Day 368 // Breathwork Journey w Rob Starbuck (Santa Barbara)
Day 367 // The Heart Of Shamanism w Eli A Rechtschaffen (CR) - NA
Day 366 // 1 Year Cushion Crawl Infinity Anniversary w Manose (CA)
Day 365 // The Power of Optimism & Wisdom w Stephen Clark (LA)
Day 364 // Sacred Circle Facilitation w Rev. Briana Lynn Cavion (USA)
Day 363 // Kriya & Meditation for Pleasure & Happiness w Laurie Como (Costa Rica)
Day 362 // Accessing Inner Wisdom Through the 3rd Eye w George Lewis (NYC)
Day 361
// Unlocking Breathwork w Jasmyn Russell (Miami)
Day 360 // Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address w Erika Ramelli (The Woodlands, TX)
Day 359
// Embodied Listening w Diana Paschal (Tulum)
Day 358
// How to Make Out With the Universe w Jesh de Rox (LA)
Day 357 // Hatha Yoga as Path to Enlightenment w Marcel Anders-Höpgen (Asheville)
Day 356
// Raja Vinyasa Yoga w Kishan Shah (LA)
Day 355 // Embodying the Moment w Ariel Pinho (Orlando)
Day 354 // Bringing Grace w Elena Bower (Santa Fe)
Day 353
// Cosmic 2021 Akashic Forecast and Collective Energy Healing w Fern Olivia (CR)
Day 352 // Purpose & Flow w Bryan Ellis (LA)
Day 351
// The End of Fear w Michael Krass (Philadelphia)
Day 350
// Meditation’s Potency & Calming the Monkey Mind w Ceasar F Barajas (NY)
Day 349
// The Art of Polarity: Masculine and Feminine Meet w Nour Kawa (Miami)
Day 348
// Embodying the Moment w Ariel Pinho (Orlando)
Day 347 // The Healthy Love: Self-Love Commitment w Rachel Levy (Miami)
Day 346
// Kriya Kundalini Yoga w Pablo Gomez (Tulum)
Day 345
// Find Your Joy w Megan Joy (LA)
Day 344 // Illumination of The Breath w Heather Hogan (Brooklyn)
Day 343 // Keys to Surrender - Embracing the Unknown w Biba (Turkey)
Day 342
// Mindful Muscle Release w Jason Williams (Baltimore)
Day 341 // Sacred Sounds of Universal Prayer w Jasmyn Russell (Tulum)
Day 340 // Cosmic Unity Through Breath & Mantra w Chad Woodford (Woodstock)
Day 339 // Questions and Answers w Myk Likhov (Miami) - NA
Day 338
// Stages of Sleep: Your Brain & Body at Rest w Sarah Petroski (Brooklyn)
Day 337
// Harness Your Primal Power & Creative Energy w Heather Henninger (Tulum)
Day 336 // The Kingdom of Heaven w Theo Burkhardt (Santa Fe)
Day 335 // Worthlessness and Abundance w Sylvia Benito (Miami)
Day 334 // Vibrational Reality & Sound Healing w Darren Austin Hall (CR)
Day 333 // Breath Of Life w Eli Rechtschaffen (CR) - NA
Day 332
// Give to Grow w Kurt Peloquin (US)
Day 331
// Vibrate to Elevate w Emily Bench-Lahrssen (Miami)
Day 330
// Leading with Love: Reflecting, Releasing, and Moving Forward w Sasha Nelson (Paris)
Day 329 // Growing Goodness Meditation w Miriam Parker (NYC)
Day 328
// The Art and Science of Energy w Nour Kawa (Miami)
Day 327
// Expression of Self Love w Rachel Levy (Miami)
Day 326 // Empower Your Heart w Onyay Pheori (LA)
Day 325
// Awaken Your Creative-Sacred Sexual Energy w Michelle Alva (Key Biscayne)
Day 324 // Creating More Connected Relationships w Alain Lagger (CR)
Day 323 // Mindful Self-Compassion w Laurasia Mattingly (LA)
Day 322 // Third Eye Awakening through Prana w Leah Kinsella
Day 321 // Alchemy of Dance w Bība (Turkey)
Day 320 // Beach Sound Journey w Jared Bistrong (Miami)
Day 319 // Gamma Breathwork for Purposeful Alignment w RahQuel Star Achiaviatta (CR)
Day 318 // Co-Creating With Spirit: You Are Supported w Mara Branscombe (Vancouver)
Day 317 // Spice Up Your Self-Love Game w Josefina Bashout (Santa Monica)
Day 316 // The Art of Sacred Living w Kevin Walton (Hollywood, FL)
Day 315 // Living With Intention w Amanda Gilbert (NY)
Day 314 // Completing 2020 Envisioning 2021 w Jennifer Grace (Fort Lauderdale)
Day 313 // Joy Center Activation w Manose (Santa Cruz)
Day 312 // Heal with Breathwork w Marlize Joubert (LA)
Day 311 // Embodied Spirituality w Ben Decker (Venice, CA)
Day 310 // Creating Sustainable Self Love w Jordana Reim (Thailand)
Day 309 // You are not Yourself w Teresa Cesario (USA)
Day 308 // The Vision Map Experience w Jodi Darren (Miami)
Day 307 // The Activation: Conscious Movement w EuGene Gant (Miami Beach)
Day 306 // Seeds of Love w Emilia Garth (Miami Beach)
Day 305 // The Pyramid Breath Experience w Johann Urb
Day 304 // Navigating Multiple Dimensions w Ian Hayes (Miami)
Day 303 // Find Your Joy w Megan Joy (LA)
Day 302 // Meditation on Om w Harshvardhan Jhaveri (Goa)
Day 301 // Kriya Meditation - Shortcut to Superconcious w Nat Ma (Bali)
Day 300 // MindTravel Walking Meditation w Murray Hidary (LA)
Day 299 // The Hidden Power of Laughter w Alan Wein (Tulum)
Day 298 // Divine Feminine Breathwork w Erin Rose Ward (Santa Monica)
Day 297 // Energy Alchemy w Morgan Field (Miami)
Day 296 // Trauma and Rewiring Brain Patterns w Sifu Matthew (Miami)
Day 295 // Finding, Feeling, and Freeing You in 2021 w Michael Krass (Philadelphia)
Day 294 // Pray & Heal: A Ho'oponopono Journey with Elian Zach (Miami)
Day 293 // Dance of Liberation w Parashakti (Costa Rica)
Day 292 // Your Golden Voice w Jeff Scult (Miami)
Day 291 // Heart-Centered Breathwork w Jesse Gros (LA)
Day 290 // Cosmic 2021 Akashic Forecast w Fern Olivia (Costa Rica)
Day 289 // Your Heart's Blueprint w Sheva and Robert (Boulder Creek)
Day 288 // Accessing - Modern Meditation w Brian Marc Zimberg (Miami)
Day 287 // Honour All Creation: The Awakening of 5D Humanity w Darren Austin Hall (Costa Rica)
Day 286 // Somatic Healing through Embodiment w Rachel Pringle (Miami)
Day 285 // 2021 Future Self Meditation w Peter Opperman (Topanga)
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