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"Life is a school where you learn to remember what your soul already knows."     

~  Unknown


The 7th, or CROWN CHAKRA is not just an ancient symbol, it plays an important role in our everyday life. In our modern world this Chakra manifests as the intention for CONNECTION - “The joy of being present in the now”.

The CROWN CHAKRA takes us beyond intellect, beyond intuition, beyond belief, there is no longer a sense of division. We acquire the beyond-mental understanding that separateness from anything, including God, is an illusion. We become increasingly aware of consciousness itself — the eternal part of us that is beyond ego, thought, feeling and body.


Our 7th CHAKRA Overview easily covers everything you need to know about its traditional words, symbols, sounds, and representations in nature.


Sanskrit Name              SAHASRARA

English Name                CROWN

Modern ŌM Intention  CONNECTION

It Governs                       On the physical level – brain, central nervous system. On the emotional, it relates to our ability to  perceive, to see, both physically and intuitively and to imagine

Location                          ABOUT 2” ABOVE TOP OF THE HEAD

Color                                VIOLET OR WHITE

The color of cosmic consciousness, it has the shortest wavelength and the highest vibration of the colors of the visible spectrum of light. Violet and White are  considered the colors of “oneness”, transcending separation and duality.

Element                          THOUGHTS, ALL

This Chakra relates to consciousness as pure awareness,  the timeless, spaceless place of all-knowing.

Sound                             SILENCE

It does not have the sound mantra, yet it is connected with the subtle vibration of mantra OM that cannot be heard. In this silence we can hear the voice of Divine.

Gemstones                   AMETHYST, WHITE SAPPHIRE, CLEAR QUARTZ

Crystals have well-established frequencies and vibrate in support of one or several Chakras. They are age-old tools for intention setting.

Animal                           NONE, EGG

Represented by an Egg, its symbology is potentiality and limitlessness.

Scent                         FRANKINCENSE, NEROLI, LAVENDAR

CROWN CHAKRA is not fully open in most people. It starts to strongly affect our lives between ages of 42-49. During these years, we begin the process of understanding spiritual aspects of existence and come to the realization that wisdom eventually leads to spirituality and Universal Truth.



A healthy CROWN CHAKRA manifests in the desire and life of being of service, and giving without recognition or acknowledgment.

When developed, this Chakra amplifies spiritual connection. In a bliss state, we are present to everything without being attached to anything. We are truly in the present moment, living in the “Now”.



If the 7th CHAKRA is out of balance, spirit and body are in a state of separation. On a physical level, we experience dissociation, confusion and apathy. On a spiritual level, we might experience a spiritual crisis, or “the dark night of the soul”.

Underactive or blocked CROWN CHAKRA leads to skepticism and cynicism, and strong reliance on conventional society’s rewards and status symbols. We feel depression and meaninglessness of life.

People with an overactive (or too open) crown chakra might become delusional or grandiose, ungrounded and spacey, feeling disconnected from the body. With head “in the clouds”, they lack common sense and have difficulty finishing things.



Some of the most beneficial activities to keep your 7th CHAKRA healthy is meditation, spending time in silence, floating in the water. Spend as much time in nature as you can. In general, do things that make you feel calm and peaceful. Walk mindfully, noticing beauty around you. Unclutter your life. Be present at everything you do. Eat purple foods (blueberries, grapes etc)

When you are working on the 7th CHAKRA, it is helpful to ask yourself questions to better understand how yours is doing:

    • Am I skeptical about spirituality?
    • Am I depressed?
    • Is my creativity blocked?
    • Do I feel isolated?
    • Am I overly attached to material things?

    To heal and balance Chakras, it helps to use affirmations, or mantras. You might want to use them during meditation, or just repeat throughout your day.

    By understanding your energy body, of which Chakras are a major part, you can find out a lot about yourself, and successfully navigate your life understanding others as well.

    Thanks for reading! 





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