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Like humans, pets are being exposed 24/7 to all sorts of pollutants. And, just as humans, they are adversely affected by the same chemical toxins and environmental hazards, including the harmful EMFs emitted by cell phones, computers, smart meters, routers and other wireless electronic devices.

In Russia, for centuries Shungite has been used to naturally heal animals. Lots of empirical data, as well as numerous scientific studies, confirm that animals react very positively to Shungite. It offers incredible benefits, for both humans and animals, here are some:

Shungite can relieve various imbalances that affect digestive and respiratory systems, joints, and bones. It is antibacterial, and it detoxifies too. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can even be used as a pain reliever.

(To find out more about Shungite, click here)

There are quite a few easy ways you can utilize Shungite for the benefit of your pet.



Animals are especially vulnerable to environmental pollution, like lawn, garden, and household chemicals. Research suggests that exposure to these things can increase the risk of many diseases, such as cancers, tumors, and accelerated aging. Of course, the fewer chemicals you use at home, the better it is for your pet’s health.

One way to mitigate dangerous effects of hazardous chemicals and to keep pets hydrated (especially if you are feeding them kibbles) is to have them drink lots and lots of water. Well, it would be great if you could make your pet drink more,  but good luck with that! 

Here is where Shungite can help - a simple, but very effective solution is to have you pet drink Shungite infused water.

One of the well-known facts about Shungite water is that most animals really like how it tastes and, as a result drink, much more water than they normally would were it just plain water.

Scientific studies confirm that Shungite kills a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens and can neutralize a significant number of toxins. All of this makes it very effective water treatment option. And that means continuous cleansing and detoxifying, as well as helping you pets to avoid or treat kidney and bladder disorders (to find out how to make Shungite water, click here).

Shungite revitalizes, removes impurities and chemicals from water, removes and cleans water from bacteria

In short, this mineral is an age-proven natural remedy for various diseases, it induces faster recovery and promotes growth in living organisms, making it very beneficial to all animals (and humans too!), and especially great for older cats and dogs.



EMF is a broad term for electric and magnetic fields, and microwave radiation coming from electronic devices. While studies have shown that EMF has very negative effects on all biological systems, the harmful effect it has on animals is often overlooked.

Your pets probably spend a lot of time at home… and that means that they are constantly affected by EMF pollution, which can lead to many problems, such as cancers, tumors, and accelerated aging.

And, if you are a cat owner and have a laptop, chances are you find your pet next to, and often on top of,  the keyboard, every time you try to use it. To limit your pets' exposure to harmful EMFs, try not to let them sleep near electronic devices like lap tops, TVs, cell phones, or wi-fi routers as these all emit a large amount of EMF radiation.







Considering how much time pets can spend sleeping - often around 7-80% - it is a good idea to place our Shungite EMF Guardian Mat under their bed. It is an inexpensive, practical and effective way to to help them cope with various afflictions in a natural way and feel stress-free and energized.

To keep pets EMF-safe and in good health we’ve designed a Shungite Collar Charm.

Very effective, safe and economical, Shungite Pet Collar Charm balances pet's energy and shields them from the harmful EMFs.

And if your pet doesn’t wear a collar,  you can always place Shungite stones in their bed or under their favorite pillow. Also, while petting or massaging your animal, holding a Shungite stone in your palm is said to have a healing and soothing effect, relieving muscles tension and easing inflammation.


In general, and it goes for humans too, the more Shungite pieces are used in a home environment, the greater the benefits for pets.



SHUNGITE - How Is This Healing Mineral So Powerful?




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