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  • Copper Splash Nugget
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    Modern ŌM

    Copper Splash Nugget



    Modern ŌM

    Copper Splash Nugget


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    Metals were prized by our ancestors for their Magical properties as well as their practical use, just like gemstones. Copper has been used since at least 9000 BC, for both spiritual and physical healing,

    With its very high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper is considered to have a great connecting power and is often called a Spiritual Conductor. It is thought to improve communication abilities and direct spiritual energy between people, amplifying transmitted thoughts.

    A 1st and 2nd Chakra metal, copper is considered to be both energizing and grounding. It has cleansing and purifying properties and helps to increase self-esteem and mental agility.

    Copper has been known to support physical healing, aiding with arthritis, sciatica, pulled muscles and other conditions.

    It is often considered a good luck metal as well.

    Origin & Use

    Our copper comes from Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, the source of naturally pure copper for more than 7000 years. This "Lake Copper" has long been the standard for natural copper purity.

    These nuggets are formed by pouring molten copper onto a cool, flat surface. The resultant “splash” objects are both unique and intricate in shape.

    Keep your copper close to you - in your bag or pocket, or on your desk.


    Each nugget is unique in shape.

    Large are approximately 4 inches (10cm) long

    Medium are approximately 2 inches (5cm) long


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