Why You Should Let Yourself Feel Your Feelings

September 21, 2016

Omie Alyson Charles is a global television host, shamanic practitioner, healer, and wellness expert. Her intention is Insight, the ability to see the world as it truly is. Here she reveals the best way to activate and know your true power

Alyson Charles

I’ve had massive energetic shifts and awakenings recently, and I wanted to share an aspect of life, of experiencing Earth, that is a top key for embodying your greatest power: to really let yourself feel the feelings.

Your first thought might be “I totally do! I do that already.”

And while you might be letting yourself feel to some degree, many times our habits and patterns of numbing or distracting ourselves so we don’t have to feel certain ways comes from our subconscious. And it is only after you really let yourself become aware and see your tendencies that you may realize you’ve definitely got some go-to patterns that pull you away from feeling what needs to be felt.

So how can we work our way through this process and get real with ourselves in order to activate and know our true power?

1. Acknowledge yourself
Sit for a moment right now. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, filling the belly, then out. One more breath in, and out all the way. And ask yourself “How do I feel right now?”

2. Settle into your sacred sanctuary
After acknowledging and feeling what you’re feeling, bring your focus to your center line of your being (where your chakras run from base of spine to crown of head). While breathing deeply, fill yourself with peace and feel your guardian angels filling your aura with blessings and energy.

3. Uncover the potential of now
This begins the process of being able to sit with our feelings, of becoming more unafraid of ourselves, of trusting ourselves more to be able to handle all the feels! And this will bring yourself to the power and truth of the present moment where all is truly well.

As you move about this week, just take notice and be honest with yourself when you look at your Instagram for the millionth time, want to reach for another cup of coffee, or procrastinate on that idea yet again.

And when you go to those distracting or numbing tendencies, remind yourself that you are such a powerful divine goddess/king capable of being in your whole power no matter what the emotions or how deep the emotions. Acknowledging how you feel and feeling how you feel is half the battle.

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