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What does Mindfulness Sound Like? Our First Meditation Mix!

February 24, 2017

 We're excited to announce our Future of Meditation Series…

At Modern ŌM we’re passionate about music, and the states of consciousness it helps us access. From spoken word to ethereal melody to traditional sounds of gongs and sound bowls… we've decided to play with the idea of what Mindfulness sounds like in the modern world.

The 3 intentions that guide our our foray into music are Expression, Passion, and Connection

This first Future of Meditation mix is created and produced by our own Brandon Ernst. Brandon is not only Modern ŌM‘s marketing expert, but a popular Los Angeles DJ and mystic.

This set is designed to take you on an inward journey exploring the intention of "Expression." One of Brandon's greatest joys is seeing people fully expressed living authentically in their truth. While crafting this mix he focused on channeling the energy of expression putting the intention into the music. 

We hope you love his 40 minute mix!

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