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We're Hiring a Director of Sales!

June 30, 2016

Hello ŌMie Community! We are looking for an experienced Director of Sales. See job description below:


Modern ŌM Director of Sales is a key member of the Modern ŌM management team, responsible for defining and implementing the company’s distribution strategy as well as successfully expanding Modern ŌM into new retail chains, distributors, and independent accounts. This position will report to the Founder and CEO.

The Director of Sales position offers an opportunity to join a high-potential startup as the Company begins its distribution into the Wellness, Fitness, and Lifestyle channels. A highly successful person in this role will have the opportunity for substantial earnings commensurate with their sales impact, and will also have the opportunity for significant career growth as Modern ŌM achieves its objective to become the leading brand in the Mindfulness market.


The responsibility of the Director of Sales will be to increase Modern ŌM’s revenues by building and managing a team of sales reps to expand Modern ŌM’s business in existing points of distribution and to onboard new wholesale customers. Modern ŌM has significant access and relationships within Wellness channel, but significant growth opportunity remains.

The responsibility of the Director of Sales will be to:

  • Implement sales tools. It’s critical to determine the appropriate sales tools & methods for the company. The tools will be used to identify, acquire, penetrate and retain customers. The data needs to be available and reportable in real-time, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews; as well as for key initiatives, category and industry progress, and customer analysis. 

  • Implement an effective sales strategy. The Director of Sales will be responsible for implementing Modern ŌM’s multi-channel, multi-product strategy with the goal of expanding Modern ŌM’s business within existing points of distribution as well as opening new points of wholesale distribution across wellness, fitness, lifestyle, grocery, and independent specialty channels. As part of developing and executing this strategy, the Director of Sales will be responsible for channel and customer segmentation, gathering of intelligence and business needs for each segment, setting strategic product, pricing and promotional plans for each segment, and movement of the customers through the life cycle (acquisition to retention). This approach will lead to developing better customer engagement, unique marketing messages, and ongoing analysis of cost-of-sales vs pricing to ensure revenue/margin growth. 

  • Manage the sales organization. The Director of Sales will be responsible for talent management of salespeople and reps, including; hiring, training, coaching, compensation plans, promotions, rewards & recognition programs and performance management. The Director of Sales will also determine the most effective organizational structure for the sales organization across territories, channels and product categories. 

  • Manage sales operations. The Director will be accountable for sales forecasting, sales planning, budgeting and setting sales quotas in conjunction with Executive Team. This includes determining priorities, allocating resources, and developing internal tools, policies and processes. 

Other Specific Functions...

  • Design effective sales compensation plans – commissions, reward programs, contests, bonuses, quotas, group and individual goals. 

  • Develop physical & online materials for sales training and education programs.

  • Work with sales rep and broker firms. Communicate with each broker sales/retail/merchandiser team to execute in sales/store programs. When required, expand distribution in channels by calling on accounts with brokers.
  • Work with marketing and product teams to appropriately position Modern ŌM and provide sales channel feedback. 

  • Develop revenue tracking, budgeting and forecasting modules for finance in conjunction with the customer marketing team. 

  • Work with Founder to provide direction for brand exposure, merchandising efforts and development of customers. 

  • Identify, map/document and develop relationships with the influencers and decision-makers in Modern ŌM’s customer organizations. This analysis should be transparent to the Company and detail contact info, size of any noted budgets, cyclical & annual events, and anything else of importance. Should the Director leave the company this work product will be critical for the successor.
  • Monitor market trends, customer issues and needs, and competitive dynamics and incorporate into overall MODERN ŌM sales and marketing strategy.


  • 7+ years of progressive experience focused on sales and sales management with a recognized company selling consumer package goods to multiple channels, including some or all of the following: Wellness, Fitness, Fashion, Independent/Specialty, Lifestyle Retail, and Grocery.
  • Experience in all aspects of building/managing a national sales team that sells accessories, apparel, and/or home goods. This team should have grown in both size and revenues under the Director’s leadership. 

  • Expert level experience with sales operations (sales forecasting, sales planning, budgeting and compensation plans). This includes proven success at determining priorities, allocating resources, and developing internal tools, policies and processes. 

  • A track record of building sales. Expert level experience in sales pipeline development, strategy development, lead generation, prospect penetration and follow-up strategies. 

  • Strategic, results-oriented, and metric driven individual with a strong track record of achievements. 

  • Proven experience of merchandising multi-channel product lines. 

  • Expert level experience in developing sales messaging, presentation, and scripts. 

  • A leader with experience recruiting, building , developing and retaining best-in-class sales talent. 

  • High energy, passionate, entrepreneurial, inventive and resourceful. Should be self-motivated, willing to be “hands-on” and comfortable in a resource-constrained environment. 

  • Ability to effectively interact with marketing and relate to all levels of the organization, with excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. 

Personal Attributes...

  • Team player and team builder.
  • Very hands-on. 

  • Well organized, detail-oriented, and have the ability to delegate responsibility as needed. 

  • An ability to create structure in fast-moving environments.
  • Excellent communicator, and capable of representing Modern ŌM in public forums. 

  • An ability to develop alternative solutions, and use reason even when dealing with emotional topics. 

  • Results-oriented with a. passion for building companies and working hard.
  • An individual who possesses a ‘big picture’ perspective, but willing to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and do 
whatever it takes to get the job done. 

  • A true interest in mindfulness, wellness, and personal development


  • The position is initially an independent contractor role, with a monthly retainer plus commission, and will lead to a salaried position with stock options.
  • Retainer and commission are commensurate with experience.
  • We will consider remote candidates.


Please send a resume and cover-letter to Please also include your LinkedIn profile. 


Modern ŌM is an integrated mindful lifestyle company offering product, retail pop-ups, meditation studios, and community events. Launched in late 2015 by Myk Likhov and his parents Marina and Steven, the company is a family business built on a shared mission to make mindfulness mainstream.

The company creates products based on the color heritage 3,000+-year-old chakra system, to remind people of 7 chakra-inspired intentions: 

Nō 1 Vitality | red | the energy that springs from living in balance
Nō 2 Passion | orange | the rush as you lose yourself in the moment
Nō 3 Purpose | yellow | the power within to achieve what you desire
Nō 4 Compassion | green | the love you share unconditionally with the world
Nō 5 Expression | blue | the voice that reveals the true and unique you
Nō 6 Insight | indigo | the ability to see the world as it truly is
Nō 7 Connection | violet | the joy of being present in the now

Ever-present design cues and colors are woven through Modern ŌM’s range, which include; accessories, apparel, home goods, and stationary.

In addition to product, Modern ŌM’s business includes The 7 (an underground meditation studio), a soon-to-launch pop-up (in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami), and 7 Life (a mindfulness festival to debut October 22, 2016). These business units form a core ecosystem of products, experiences, and community for the rapidly growing mindfulness market.

Early support of Modern ŌM has come from wellness and meditation influencers, the ŌMies, alliances with companies such as YogaWorks and Vice Media, and press coverage from Yoga Journal, Miami Herald, The Observer, MindBodyGreen, and numerous other publications. Modern ŌM products are currently sold online and through Soho House, YogaWorks, and Exhale Spas.

The case for Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a lifestyle that revolves around activities that calm and center the mind, the primary practice of which is mediation. There are numerous scientific studies that show benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices in addressing stress, high-blood pressure, insomnia, and other health-related issues—in addition to uses of mindfulness to boost energy, improve productivity, enhance creativity, and improve general well-being. According to most wellness experts, mindfulness is poised to become the next mainstream lifestyle category, as yoga became 10 years ago.

  • Myk Likhov

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