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The Color of Valentine's Day is Not What You Think

February 09, 2017

Today is a Public Service Announcement about an important topic to the ModernŌM community - color.

Valentine's day is considered the day of Love. We've been taught by Hallmark and "the marketers" that the color of Valentine's day is red (or maybe pink). Oh, and there are loads of hearts everywhere.

Given that, you may assume the chakra that embodies Valentine's day is the 4th, or heart chakra. 

BUT  according to the 3,000 year old chakra system that inspires our Modern ŌM intentions...

Valentine's day, which clearly represents intimate love, passionate love, & sexuality does not fit in the realm of the 4th chakra. This day of love falls firmly into the energy of a different chakra - the 2nd, Passion. It's the chakra of creation, of intimacy, of sexuality. Oh, and it's orange

Not red. Not pink. Orange. The marketers got the color wrong, whoops. Though I'm not trying to 'rock the boat', I felt it was imperative to let you know the true color of Valentine's day.

So think twice about buying that bouquet of red roses or heart shaped candy today and instead...

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