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Our New Year's Fire Ceremony

December 24, 2017

 Modern ŌM ended the year with an incredibly cool meditation and ceremony for our global and local community. On December 31st at 4PM (EST) Modern ŌM hold a fire ceremony on the beach to release 1,000 intentions into the universe. 

In 2017, 800+ intentions were collected and posted on our Wall of Intention from our Festival and our Concept Store... they carry the collective energy of a thousand individuals, and cover every aspect of life: from money, to forgiveness, to marriage proposals, to expressions of universal love. Powerful.

Our Wall of Intention, with people writing intentions

We were lucky to have Prashant Patel of the Ancient Yoga Academy in town from Singapore to lead the ceremony, and to have support from NAMO Gallery in organizing this special event. 

The ceremony will take place at South Point Beach in Miami from 4 - 6pm EST on December 31st, 2017. Prashant will lead practice, where he will chant a mantra 1188 times to release our community's intentions into flames, to burn into the universe.

Instructions and Preparation:

Since this is a sacred ceremony, there are (recommended) guidelines) for you to receive the full energetic benefit of participation (both in-person and social media participants):

  • Eat vegan and don't drink alcohol for 24 hours
  • Wear all white, or white top
  • Focus on your breath during the chanting
  • Please no chatting, talking, laughing, while chanting is in process
  • You can repeat chant (mentally) if you are seated around Prashant

Try to keep your attention focused on the present moment, the ritual. 

About Prashant Patel

Prashant, Founder of The Ancient Yoga Academy, has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. “I’m still studying, still learning, still discovering,” says the inveterate yogi who has made seven treks to the Himalayas to connect with elusive Naga Babas and Aghori sadhus to get a deeper understanding of yoga and the effects of meditation on the human body. His studies have earned him veneration as a master of meditation; teaching a range of techniques from simple Breathing, Om, Cyclic and Pyramid meditation to the more difficult Dynamic meditation, Vipasana, Mindfulness, Chakra, Kriya and more. 

Prashant conducts Teacher workshops, trainings and certifications, globally, on the topics of yoga, breathwork, meditation, Ayurveda, and stress management. His corporate clients include Apple, Microsoft, Daikin, and many others. 

The Ancient Yoga Academy has branches in Singapore, India, and the UK. 

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  • Dec 26, 2017

    Do I need to rsvp to the fire meditation on 12/31 or can I just come?

    Thank you
    Sandra Pariente

    — Sandra Pariente

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