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Q&A With Former NFL Player Keith Mitchell

Our festival is less than FOUR Months out. How incredible. Today, we introduce our friend, Keith Mitchell, who will be joining us as a Speaker on October 14th. He'll be talking about "Accessing the Greatness Inside Yourself."

A former All-Pro NFL football player, a routine tackle during a game left Keith partially paralyzed, and forced his early retirement at 31 years old. Imagine. Being at the apex of success, a celebrated warrior, and having it end in an instant. How the mind must go crazy.

It was Meditation and Yoga that supported Keith's recovery... and he's dedicated his life to sharing his experiences and wisdom with others as a Speaker, (Celebrity) Wellness Teacher, Activist, and Humanitarian. 

Keith's story is powerful, and instructive for our community. It's a lesson in loss, in self-discovery, in the power of reinvention, and of LIVING Mindfulness principles. We're lucky to have him. And, in preparation for the festival, Keith answered a few questions for us. 

Q & A

What does Mindfulness mean to you? 

Mindfulness is the practice of awareness, I perceive it to be the ideas of security, or comfort that can be created by allowing the intelligence connect through knowing. Knowing considering the physical plane, the psychological, or physiological planes in which we live therefore allowing more empathetic approach to world by haven see yourself through the experience.

What do you do yourself that grounds you to the present?

I tend to eat more herbs, root type foods that grounds me, also like to hold intention in order to have purpose to things that I do. Not saying I cant have fun and relax but the practice of incorporating more nurturing habits in my life from having not the best habit from my past I choose to the extent of what’s really fun. What’s really an enjoyment.

What do you want to share with the Modern ŌM community?

Community is the new currency and its so valuable in order to affect the collective. To go fast we go alone, to go far we go together. This is tribe, this is what sustained the ancestors.

We hope you come see him, and our other powerful Mindfulness leaders, on October 14th at our festival. Get your bird tickets ($99) here

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