Q&A With Conscious-Lifestyle Expert Valeria Hinojosa

June 30, 2017

We're pleased to introduce another speaker at the 2017 Modern ŌM Mindfulness Festival, Valeria Hinojosa, of WaterThruSkin. She will be talking about "Baby Steps to Living Life Consciously."

This is a classic Modern ŌM topic, tied to our 1st-chakra inspired intention of Vitality

We want to support you in bringing Mindfulness (and Consciousness) into your daily life. And. It's not always obvious, or clear, how to go about leading a healthier life in a practical way that makes sense. 

From Valeria, "We all have heard of the power of living life consciously, but do we truly know how to pursue it? It is about more than practicing yoga, or going vegan, or giving back. It is about the way we think, talk, feel, connect, eat, drink, love, and inspire others."

Valeria will share her story and lead a talk focused on how Mindfulness, travel and success go hand in hand. And she'll offer baby steps that you can apply to your day-to-day activities to become more conscious and mindful.

Q & A

What does Mindfulness mean to you? 

Mindfulness is thinking before acting. Being present. Finding that mind- body-soul connection and letting it take over every single cell in our bodies. It means living in perfect synchrony with everyone and everything around us, including our own self.

What do you do yourself that grounds you to the present?

I begin every morning with a beautiful and positive conversation with myself. Feeding my mind and spirit uplifting words rather than destructive ones. I then prepare myself a fresh almond cappuccino, inhale the powerful scent of the coffee, take sip, pull out my yoga, and flow. This routine grounds me. Every single day.

What do you want to share with the Modern ŌM community?

How easy it is to live consciously; making sure that every action we take is affecting our planet and loved ones in a positive way. It all starts with the baby steps. 

We hope you come see her, and our other powerful Mindfulness leaders, on October 14th at our festival. Get your bird tickets ($99) here

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