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Neighborhood Meditations start Jan 8th

December 11, 2017

Friends, neighbors, ŌMies . . . we are thrilled to announce an initiative that's been building for 20 months now. After having taught over 200 sessions and 1,400 students . . . the meditations that casually started in a Wynwood loft in April 2016 are blossoming into a Miami-wide network of meditation groups, led by some of the finest local instructors.

Choose Your Neighborhood Below to Get Started


      1. South Miami 7pm (capacity 10)
      2. Coconut Grove 9am (capacity 15)
      3. Brickell 7pm (capacity 15)
      4. Wynwood 7pm (capacity 15)
      5. El Portal 7pm (capacity 10)
      6. Miami Shores 7pm (capacity 15)
      7. South Beach 7pm (capacity 15)
      8. North Beach 10am (capacity 10) - starts 1/11
      9. North Beach Sunrise 7am (capacity 15) - starts 1/11

Imagine groups all over Miami meditating at the same time on the same chakras, harnessing the power of collective intention. Imagine not having to fight traffic to get to a meditation class convenient to you. Imagine spending time with likeminded, conscious people who will become your friends and supporters. 

Our ongoing program is membership-based. As a Member, you get the following benefits:

    1. Two guided group meditations per week
    2. Two complimentary guest passes per month ($30 value)
    3. 10% discount on Modern ŌM products
    4. 10% discount to any Modern ŌM event, including our Mindfulness Festival
    5. Registration into our Miami Cushion Crawl ($100 value)

We'll also get together for larger events that elevate our Miami mindful community. Because the sum is so much greater than the parts.

People who sign up by December 31st get their 1st month for $65.

Starting in January 8th . . . 

    • Membership is $75 per month ($9.37/meditation)
    • Partner membership, 2 people, is $130 per month ($8.12/meditation)
    • Limited need-based memberships available it. 

Drop-ins will be available based on capacity, and will be $15 per session. 

Let's Go Inward. Together. 

  • Myk Likhov

Comments on this post (2)

  • Jan 03, 2018

    Hello! I am very interested in the meditation group mainly in South Miami. I do go to different offices throughout the week and wanted to know if it’s possible to go to a different location depending on where I need to work. For example 1 class in Coconut Grove and the other in a south Miami?



    — Rose Montoya

  • Dec 22, 2017

    How can I sign up for only the days Shaman Durek is going to be in the meditation place in January.
    Do I have to be a member?

    — Erika Castillo

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