Announcing Neighborhood Meditations

May 17, 2017


We first shared Modern ŌM with the world 19 months ago. What began as a beautiful intentional product line (inspired by the 7 chakras) has evolved into something significantly more resonant -- a way to bring Mindfulness into your life. LITERALLY. We want to bring it directly into your neighborhood.

From inception, the colors and meanings of our products were always intended to be chakra-inspired reminders of "how you want to live" and to invite more of "what you want more of in your life." We knew that by having subtle cues of intentionality in our lives, we'd more frequently remember to pause, breath, and be present. Our lives would improve.

The vision of Modern ŌM has now expanded beyond reminders. We've "gone to the source," and are sharing the experience of Mindfulness with those seeking it... Since April 2016, a lot of people (800+) have gathered at the Modern ŌM Loft in Wynwood, FL to sit, meditate, drink tea, and connect with each other. It's been an incredible thing to witness.... early interest in our "sits" became a wave of interest. We soon realized there was something important happening. People really wanted to get together. To meditate. In community

To support this thirst for collective mindfulness, we started experimenting (and playing) to see what our community wanted. Modern ŌM organized an epic festival in October and a mass meditation in April (more on both in another post). We started a 2nd meditation group, and then a 3rd...testing new ideas and approaches along the way, which led to Sit With Intention, our signature 8-week mindfulness cycle, where you build a meditation practice as you explore a different chakra energy each week, all alongside other great people.

Incredibly, Sit With Intention is now being shared in the following communities: Wynwood, FL, Flat Rock, NC, Miami Shores, FL, Pinecrest, FL (June 5th), and La Jolla, CA (June 5th).

And this is important. Because Mindfulness is outrageously beneficial. It's proven to help your physical well-being. And mental well-being. And your productivity. And your creativity. And your general happiness. It should be readily-available to all that seek it, not only digitally, but in-real-life. And people shouldn't have to travel far to practice together. And the fees should be accessible to the majority... right? 

The question we started asking was -- wouldn't it be interesting, and powerful, and impactful, if there were a meditation group in every neighborhood? We're now beginning to answer that question. 

Welcome to our neighborhood meditations. Let's go inward, together.

PS if you'd like to become a host, email me at myk@modernom.co.

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