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Tony Cho: A Conscious Business Leader

April 10, 2018

Leading Miami Forward, Consciously   

Tony Cho is a Social Entrepreneur, Urban Pioneer & Community Developer focused on transforming cities and communities through innovation, urban revitalization and community engagement.  

Brought up in Kashi Ashram (an interfaith spiritual community based on kindness, compassion and service), Tony is inspired to infused his career with a sense of purpose and community.

He is currently the Co-Founder of the Magic City Innovation District, the CEO/Founder of Metro 1 (Miami's premier real estate organization), and runs ChoZen (a retreat center adjoining Kashi) with his wife Ximena.

We are happy to be recognizing Tony as an example of conscious leadership in Miami at Modern ŌM x Brickell City Centre's Earth Day Meditation on April 22nd.


Learn more about Tony here:

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