Why Mass Meditations are Powerful

March 08, 2017

In honor of Earth Day, Modern ŌM has partnered with Brickell City Centre for a free first-of-its-kind MASS meditation in Miami.

We'll have over 1,000 people going inward together on the morning of April 22nd, raising the vibration in Miami.

Raise the vibration?? How? Well, our team has investigated the benefits of large group meditations - and here's what we've found.

Acclaimed yogi and spiritual leader, Maharishi Mahesh (guru to the Beatles) first proposed the beneficial impacts of group meditations in 1957. He proposed a theory called the Maharishi Effect that states when at least 1% of a community’s population meditate together, the coherence of the group's energy field affects the collective consciousness of others in a constructive manner - at a local, national and worldwide level. Sounds really optimistic, but is it true?

Well, since then, scientific research and has proven how the Maharishi Effect can affect the greater community. The NYT sites a 1993 study, called the DC Experiment, in which 4,000 people gathered in Washington DC to meditate, which coincided with in a drop of the crime rate by 23% over the course of the controlled meditation.

The belief as to why this happens is that when people meditate in community, their alpha brain waves become synchronized. The coherence of these alpha brain waves permeates their surroundings and causes other people in the vicinity to receive the same properties in their subconscious mind - influencing their hearts, thoughts and actions.  

Our plan is to unite 1,000 people on a journey inward, together, for Earth Day. We’ll have tea, meditate with Luchi Estevez and Jennifer Grace, then socialize a bit at our first ever Modern ŌM pop-up store.

Join us on Saturday, April 22nd at Brickell City Centre as we raise the vibration and build a Mindful Miami.  RSVP and details --> here.

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