How to Stop Stressing About

How to Stop Stressing About "Having No Time"

Jennifer Grace is a highly effective transformational coach and an acclaimed author. Her intention is Expression, the voice that reveals the true and unique you. Here she suggests two ways you can create more time in your life, no matter how busy you are.

So many of us stress about time. It frazzles us, it causes us to multi-task, and many times, it make us feel unproductive when we watch it slip away.

Here’s the thing: Time, just like money, is actually meaningless all by itself. Think about it: Money is green paper. And time, according to quantum physics, is an illusion.

We are all playing with the same 24 hours in a day, and the same economic system. We obviously can’t change those. What we need to focus on instead is changing our relationship to time and money, so that it no longer brings us stress.

In America we have a very unhealthy relationship with time. There are other cultures that have a much better handle on time. For example, in the Mediterranean, they have leisurely lunches and then long siestas after lunch. In Sweden and many other countries in Europe, workers get six weeks vacation, plus maternity and paternity leave. People move at a much slower, relaxed pace.

Here it’s a rat race. We are driving, striving, and running from thing to thing to thing, and, frankly, it can be quite exhausting.

In a course I teach, The Creative Insight Journey, there is a solution! And this is not your typical time-management approach.

I believe that we are divided into two camps of time perspective: One camp feels they are “wasting time”, the other feels “there is never enough time in the day”.

Those who have the perspective that they are wasting time usually think about and talk about their dreams, rather than live them. It’s amazing how some ponder writing a book or launching a business for months, years, or even decades. If they would have simply gotten into action and perhaps just written one page a day, they would have a 180 page book in less than 6 months!

For those people, I say use the mantra "Don’t worry, just do it!" Stop over-analyzing and thinking…just dive in! Any action step creates momentum, even if you are not sure exactly where to start.

A great way to chunk down a big project to reach your goal is to breakdown each action step into the What, How, and By When. For example:

What: Write a book (your goal)

How: Wake up and write one hour a day before work (your plan)

By When: Finish 1st draft by Dec 1st 2017 (your deadline)

For those who have the perspective that they never have enough time in the day (typically parents, type A personalities, and entrepreneurs), my solution is the mantra, “I have all the time in the world.”

For example, what happens when you are late? You scurry around frazzled because you can’t find your car keys, then you get in the car and realize you forgot something and you have to go back. When you return to the car and head out, you proceed to hit every red light. Finally you arrive and the person you’re meeting is upset because you are late. It’s just this one big chain reaction of stress.

What I do instead when I am running late, is take three deep breaths. I don’t actually have time to take but I take them anyway and say very calmly, “I have all the time in the world.”

I calmly look for my keys, find them quickly, gather my things, get in my car, and don’t forget anything. I then usually hit every green light and I arrive completely on time. Or I come in and the person I’m meeting hasn’t arrived yet.

I have saved myself an enormous amount of stress by not freaking out that I was late, and I’m not bringing that stress into the meeting.

Life flows better when you‘re not stressed.

Play with these two mantras this week when you’re either procrastinating or rushing around. When you are in action, suddenly the right people and situations appear to assist you in reaching your goal. When you are not rushing around with the proverbial "tick-tock, tick-tock" constantly going off in your head, your brain operates better and you are able to think of quick solutions. 

External things don’t go as wrong when your internal energy is going right.

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