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May 29, 2018

By Marina Likhov, Co-Founder



In the modern world, it seems that we have many different freedoms. So how is it that most of the time we do not feel really FREE?

You may be healthy, have time and resources to travel around the world without  restrictions. In a physical sense, we can say you are free.

Or you have a job you're passionate about, and a romantic relationship you've always wanted. Free emotional expression allows us to lead the life of emotional freedom, experiencing it fully.

You might think that you have a complete mental freedom when we express ourselves freely, and speak our truth without fear.

But rarely do we have all parts of our existence – physical, emotional, mental – balanced and functioning in perfect unity. And then, there is the most important aspect or our being - SPIRITUAL FREEDOM. What does it even mean?

The reason we rarely feel true FREEDOM is that attaining these “limited” separate freedoms does not actually create permanent peace, or really make us FREE. They are all experienced from the “ME”, or separation, point of view, based on who we THINK we are.

When we learn to approach life from the knowledge of who we REALLY are, things start shifting.

In other words, our true FREEDOM is not based on, chained to, or the result of, the ego. Everybody has access to it, at any time, because it is always there. We already ARE FREE.

A metaphysical view of reality as a unified whole predates our Western spiritual traditions by thousands of years. We are a part of this reality, so in this sense we are already WHOLE and FREE. So how do we connect to this knowledge?


Creating and leading an INTEGRATED life elevates us vibrationally, it connects us to the energetic vibration of FREEDOM and allows us, however fleetingly, to experience it. Thing to remember, though, it does require work. Thick books have been written on the ways and methods of reaching this FREE state of being, and the more you practice, the easier it gets. You will also discover what works best for you

One way of approaching this work is to recognize our unconscious beliefs, as they relate to physical, mental and spiritual parts of us, and then to change them.

Consciously or unconsciously, the energy of our beliefs creates situations in our lives that reflect our beliefs back to us. When you are mindful and tend to stay in the “now”, you start seeing a pattern, over and over again. Each time this happens you become more conscious of it, and can let it go, unblocking your spiritual freedom, bit by bit.



Achieving the ultimate state of FREEDOM can also be approached from a perspective of Chakras. Understanding how they work and how to balance their energies, helps you to recognize, and change, the non-beneficial believes that have been guiding your life until now.

To help, we have created functional and beautiful tools, malas that we call FREEDOM. They serve as reminders of your intention to attain FREEDOM, and when you wear or meditate with them, you maintain a steady, strong, harmonious flow of energy into your being.



Flow Mala in Freedom


 Confidence Mala in Freedom


Freedom Mala

Another wonderful piece created to remind us of the wholeness of the Universe, and of unified reality that we are here to experience, is our SEPTAGON symbol called INTEGRATION. It is a powerful talisman of Transformation and Growth, that gives us clarity and insight and amplifies the energies of manifestation.

To help with your practice, we offer meditation programs that  introduce a deep exploration into Chakra alignment techniques, and take you on a journey of self-discovery.

Thank you for reading!

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Marina Likhov

Marina is Modern ŌM's lead designer, and is a recovering CEO of a consumer products trading firm. She is a devoted student of spirituality in its many forms, which inspires her approach to developing Modern ŌM's line of products. Marina's goal is to connect people with beauty and spirit by offering elegantly designed, lasting, functional staples for everyday living.


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