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Dr. Etti: Juicing Queen of Miami

April 10, 2018

 Everyone's First Juice Detox  

Dr. Etti is a leader in Miami's wellness community.

She is a Health Food Alchemist / lifestyle artist that has has been teaching her seven-day body cleansing program, SEXi Juicing, for over 15 years and is a Partner & Senior Vice President at Dr. Smood, a chain of organic boutique cafes.

Dr. Etti earned a Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition and a master’s degree in Family & Marriage Psychotherapy from New York’s Iona College.  

We are honored to recognize Etti as an example of conscious leadership in Miami at Modern ŌM x Brickell City Centre's Earth Day Meditation on April 22nd. 


Learn more about Dr. Etti here:

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