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Do You Act on Your Feelings?

September 05, 2016

Omie Dana Claudet is the founder of The Tao of Dana, where she helps people design their dream lives. Her intention is Passion, the rush as you lose yourself in the moment. In this post, she reveals why it's so important to listen to your gut

Do you act on your feelings when things are lingering and aren’t getting finished?

Like...the feelings that tell you that you shouldn’t do something, even though every rational person you know is saying you should? Or the persistent weird feeling that you have about a project, place, event, or anything else that lingers...even though nothing is really wrong “on the surface”?

Do you act on those things?

Today’s feng shui is all about the trust in what you feel that can open the floodgates to abundance.

We’re all growing acutely aware of the need to clear stuff away. There’s no coincidence in the fact that just about everyone I know—even in the most non-mystically driven parts of New Jerseyare burning sage and taking salt baths.

Whatever lingers in your space that’s a problem or a “bad feeling” creates blocks.

It’s like carrying around a pile of bricks. Invisible bricks sometimes, but bricks nonetheless.

Your attention sticks on the problem because that feeling tells your brain what to focus on, and that physical gut feeling demands attention. Even if you’re ignoring it. Even if you’re rationalizing really well.

Our bodies and minds are loaded with protective mechanisms to help us survive, and instinct is a huge way that animals survive. We are mammals. We have those instincts.

We’re often led to believe that what we can see and process as “proof” are the things we are best to follow.

So the struggle begins. It was like this for me, and I remember it so well, I can explain it clearly:

I signed on to a creative project that sounded great on paper. In fact, it sounded so great that even though I felt no passion for it, I convinced myself that this was a great opportunity. I convinced other people, too, quite easily, because, well, those “facts on paper” are compelling.

Then there was the feeling.

As time went on, I couldn’t even confront the project. It wasn’t that I was so busy, it was that I was so...unable to look at it. Something was wrong. It lingered. I ignored it because there was no time pressure. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?


Instead, my attention was pulled toward this unfinished project in a way I couldn’t describe because it was all these feelings, and I thought I was doing a good job of ignoring all of it...but I had lost motivation in other areas of my work.

I didn’t want to write, to share, to comment, to create. I looked forward to the mornings less and less, and I couldn’t understand quite why. I tried doing visualization and came up with total blanks for the future because I was so blocked.

So, finally, I spoke up and in a very uncharacteristically unpopular move, I pulled myself out of this project. With no proof that it was a bad thing, mind you. Without evidence—except for how I felt. I knew I couldn’t work on or change the circumstances surrounding this one, so I could only leave.

Within minutes I felt excited again.

Within a day, I was inspired beyond words.

By the end of the first week, my whole creative life was on a massive high.

Those things that feel bad and are swept under the carpet don’t do well swept under the carpet!

You can try all kinds of “magic” cleansing to chase things away, but I say that while nothing is intrinsically bad or good, the best thing to do is to follow your feelings profoundly and intensely, and let them lead you to more clear space!

Try this: If you’ve got a sense that things are lingering and blocked, what would happen if you confronted the issue head-on?

Make the phone calls. Stop what you’re doing and stare it in the face. Trust even the most unpopular feelings you have, and act upon them in a big way.

You may find that even a phone call can dissolve the blocks. A little attention can open things up. You may need to break free of some stuff, but you’ll know it's 100% the right thing to do right now.

Your life can transform with a decision to follow how you feel.

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