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Detox From Negativity and Totally Transform Your Life

July 31, 2016

Omie Dana Claudet is the founder of The Tao of Dana, where she helps people design their dream lives. Her intention is Passion, the rush as you lose yourself in the moment. In this post, she reveals how you can detox negativity from your life.


I was going to call this post something like “How to Get Stuck to Life-Squashing Negativity Forever and How to Finally Break Free If You Dare.”

That’s what it feels like to be in a really deep toxic situation in my experience: an endless, confusing, anxiety-filled, space-squashing, blame-filled roller coaster of highs and lows.

But I’ve come to see that all of our own negativity is a layered and personal experience. For some, it’s righteous anger and beliefs that make that anger feel justified as it drains the love from life. Sometimes, it’s a familiar and scary storm. Other times it’s a low-grade draining dissatisfaction that covers everything in nebulous clouds of grey. It can be wildly drama-fueled (and addictive!) or totally sad and super-confusing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all type of negativity and no magic-pill solution. But there’s a way out of every kind of negativity, most certainly. And if you’re ready to go on the journey, I’m positive you can unhook yourself from your own crazy-making stuff and, most likely, transform your life in surprising ways in the process!

To know me is to know that I nearly died–twice–from incredibly toxic stress. It’s what set off an autoimmune condition I didn’t know I had. It set me off into the feng shui adventure to fix my own space and my own life. I wanted to survive and finally thrive without feeling intense stress that became a habit. On so many levels my life transformed, flourished, and became peaceful.

But I wasn’t done with my own demon hunting and negative storms. I wanted to believe I was done, but, really, are we ever done growing?

No. And nothing’s ever perfect.

How do detox negativity from your life

When I got sick, it was a no-brainer to step away from the obvious toxic stuff and negativity in my life. But it was when I fell so deeply in love–in a relationship that became a remarkable storm of chaos that I didn’t know how to manage–that was the most humbling, confounding, and profound bottom to hit that I’d ever experienced.

Have you been there?

It can be incredibly hard to to break free from negativity when it’s powerfully linked to love. It’s impossible-seeming to have space and clarity in any deeply chaotic situation you’ve become attached to: a beloved career full of drama, a friendship that took a negative turn, toxic ties to people you care about deeply…

It’s even harder to see that we create much of what we experience, as weird as it sounds. And that means we can un-create it, too!

Whether it’s constant draining stuff you’re tolerating every day that’s slowly eroding your happiness or some very obvious negative drama-chaos that’s in your space, you can change it.


If you feel like you’re working so hard on managing stress and managing drama and managing life just to stay above you’re stuck in confusion so deep that it’s overcoming your there’s a roller coaster that just doesn’t your fortune is feel achy and look dimmer and smaller and weaker than’re constantly in a whirl of chaos...or you’re over it all that it seems like it will never end and there’s no use trying…YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!

You can detox the negativity from your life.

There are few wild bits of science that helped me find my way out of the dark:

  • Emotions are contagious
  • If you’re not in alignment with the values and energies around you, you’ll feel weak
  • We’re much more creative and well and effective if we live in love that is demonstrated in actions
  • Toxic cycles can be a habit both consciously and subconsciously
  • Like all habits, this negativity cycle can be broken

When I found myself in a spaced-out, stressed-to-death, spinning, sleepless, anxiety-filled relationship that I couldn’t see my way out of, I finally had to surrender.

The gift of all the tears and all the struggling was a whole new daily life that was far beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Love became easy. I realized I suddenly didn’t have to fear anything because I was creating everything.

I saw how much space in my mind and my home was filled with toxic junk and how much needed to change…and with each change, I felt stronger and brighter.

The simplicity of it all, as I’ve experienced this detox from negativity, is rooted in focusing as much as possible on building happiness…everywhere…every day. Happiness is vital and life-giving. It’s the way to freedom and success.

If you want this freedom, start simple: Decide to be happier. (It is actually a decision before anything else!)

Try to see your world as a mirror of you, even if that mirror is showing you some unflattering stuff. All of it is a huge opportunity to accept yourself and others much more, and to grow in ways that will lift up your life and the lives of others, too!

Commit to new ways to care for yourself that bring you clarity, calm, and radiance.

Keep slaying demons the best ways you know how (I’ve found that love and compassion work much better than anger and blame)

And create things every day that lift you higher!

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