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A Mindful Miami - Our 800 Person Earth Day Meditation

May 29, 2017

Miami, like the rest of the world, is becoming more mindful. Modern ŌM is excited to be a part of the conversation in bringing meditation and Mindfulness into the mainstream. Our Earth Day Meditation collaboration with Brickell City Centre was the largest meditation of its kind in Miami, and brought together people from all over Miami-Dade to celebrate the planet. 

Through the teachings of Jennifer Grace and Luchi Estevez, and music by Urban Shaman, we brought 800 people into a space of peace, connection, and receptivity in just 40 short minutes... this gorgeous video documented the experience.

We also got a lot of press, including making the cover of the Miami Herald Lifestyle section (2nd Herald cover article in 6 months!) with a story about whether Mindfulness works. Full article here.

Importantly, evidence-based research is proving over and over its benefits. Also Practitioners are noticing how it improves their lives. Quoting our CEO Myk Likhov, "People are recognizing that the current state of affairs and lifestyles aren’t working,” he says. “They’re not providing joy and satisfaction. If you’re always running from one thing to the next, you’re always stressed. ... In some ways mindfulness is returning back to where we were, experiencing the present moment.”

Here's the cover from the Herald.


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